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Single filling machine products towards full
2013-01-10 by seoer9

Important types of filling machine packaging machinery industry plays a very important role in the development of packaging machinery, filling machine packaging machinery industry is crippled, not perfect. 30 years ago, filling machine started in our country

Prevailing economic foundation is weak, no funding R & D, product variety is very single. After 30 years of development, the filling machine products single towards full by the poor quality to high quality imitation to independent research and development, has marched into the filling machine production

The powers of the ranks.

With the development of the commodity economy, the breadth and depth of the expansion of the circulation of commodities, packaging industry gradually grow and develop, people's living standards improve, accelerate the type of goods and the pace of upgrading, but also led to the associated mechanical

The development of the industry. Variety of filling pressure filling machine, automatic filling machine, oil filling machine, particle filling machine, powder filling machine, liquid filling machine , paste filling machine , sauce filling the development of installed capacity, to meet the different industry

Needs. For example, our common life, beer, beverages, edible oils, cleaning products through a filling machine filling production line role in the completion of the production and processing.

Very rapid development of the filling machine, it has also led to the emergence of many enterprise development, filling machine in China have been the course of several decades of development, has been raised from the development of a single filling machine filling machine, filling production line fully equipped

Filling machine bottling machinery, according to the actual demand of our lives to improve and increase the technological content and produce more new filling machinery sync with life, constantly moving in the direction of the "sophisticated" development.

Both our consumption of cooking oil, vegetable oil, gasoline, diesel, lubricating oil are very concerned about the past two years, oil prices have been in a rising trend, which also bring a lot of inconvenience to our lives. In recent days,

Reliable information reports, oil prices have started to cut, this news came out, let the many people of the excited cheers, filling machine enterprise will be affected by the impact of the price adjustment This is not only the concern of the filling machine companies, also the oil companies

General concern.

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