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Particle functional efficiency standards to upgrade the system energy is the key
2012-06-19 by seoer9

Beijing Embraco Snowflake Compressor particles machine Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of its holding, general manager Joe Carlos Ramones, said: "The increasingly stringent particulate functional efficiency policies, making the market for efficient particle machine compression the needs of the machine has more than a particle machine in Europe and America. "COP value of the company following EMB energy efficient compressor particle machine (COP = 1.92) on the market a year later, in 2008, up 2.02 EMC series, this is a the world's most energy-efficient miniaturization particles machine compressor particles machine.

    Jiaxipera experienced the hardships and brilliant, and already has 20 years of development history. As a Chinese brand, jiaxipera particles machine compressor particles machine for many years occupied the forefront of domestic environmental protection, energy saving, efficient "particle machine compressor particle machine market sales and sales of 6.6 million units in 2007, sales totaled 1.4 billion yuan. ZB series compressor particles machine (COP = 1.6-1.85) in the ZBC-the VY compressor particles machine is the first bulk supply of the inverter compressor particles machine; N Series compressor particle cooling capacity from 80 watts to 190 watts, NB Series COP value of 1.9.

    Huangshi Dongbei Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. in November 2008, the refrigeration compressor particle machine new 4 series and 18 kinds of specifications by the China Light Industry Federation Organization experts. The series of small energy-efficient and materials of LHLT through the identification of the types of products, including products, import substitution, LU series of large-sized high efficiency particulate compressor particles machine, R290 refrigerant compressor particles machine. LT Series compressor particles machine brings together the East Bay self-developed 12 patents (including six patents for inventions), the main performance indicators are met particles machine a new national standard level.

    Microelectronics and particle machine technology is widely used

    Machine application of particle simulation of refrigeration cycle, the steady state and transient process of refrigeration systems and components, the thermophysical properties of refrigerants, using optimal design method to determine the structure parameters and system parameters, particles machine design, manufacturing and control technology to upgrade to get the best efficiency of particle machine.

    Particles machine optimization of the indoor temperature field and, in Simulation Research and structure of the flow field. Xi'an Jiaotong University, using digital particle image velocity field (DPIV) technical study particles machine features flat region, the speed field and temperature field, reveal the particle machine outlet flow rate and flow design, inadequate, provide evidence to improve the particle machine structure and performance.

    Heat transfer analysis and structural optimization of the particle machine insulation unit. Application of the Fluent (a commercial software), finite element software ANSYS modeling analysis, and applications in the environment of Visual Basic (programming language) MATLAB (Matrix Laboratory) tools to optimize the design of the backplane of the particle peeling machine, condenser, evaporator , back to the trachea and foam insulation and other heat transfer process modeling, solving, to seek the best local structure design.

    Particles machine back to the hot capillary computational model analysis. The establishment of a multi-stage particle machine back to the hot capillary flow resistance model for the practical application of capillary particle machine, consider the impact of mutations of the back to the trachea and the capillary heat transfer and capillary import and export section, as well as the influence of the particle engine cycle parameters.

    The effective thermal insulation of new materials to improve energy efficiency

    Improve the thermal conductivity of ceramic and ceramic composite materials in the the compressor particles on, wear and lubrication performance, light weight, good strength and toughness, good chemical and dimensional stability, good surface finish.

    Polymeric materials as a refrigerator electric insulation, damping fittings and hose materials, manufacturing compressor particles in complex parts, such as rotor, particles machine piece, so that the cooling performance, cost-effective to improve life expectancy.

    Refrigerant to HFC and natural refrigerant transformation of great importance to the development and study of new refrigerant mixtures in order to obtain a higher cycle efficiency and environmental performance.

    The development and use of new insulation materials, reduce the heat loss of the system. Typical applications include VIP particles machine insulation technology and aviation insulation material in the particles on the application. With the expansion of the scope of the VIP particle machine insulation technology and lower costs, the application prospects are good. Capacity allows particles of sound machine to further reduce power consumption more than 7 percent of third-generation foaming technology, HFC-245fa, and worthy of attention and expectation.

    Highly efficient heat exchanger materials and technology, optimize the structure of the heat exchanger, a reasonable match the two heat transfer area, the rational design of refrigerant flow can significantly reduce the heat transfer process is not reversible heat loss is beneficial to control or reduce product costs, improve energy the efficiency of one of the best way.

    The refrigerant charge fluence rational design and careful experiments. Refrigerant charge on the operation load of the compressor particle machine, condensing pressure, subcooling, evaporator pressure and superheat within the refrigeration system operating wood grinding machine manufacturers have a major impact, is one of the refrigeration system optimized to match the key regulatory measures.

    Particles machines and automatic control technology sought after

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