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Small oil press squeezed and sold very reassuring eat
2012-09-13 by seoer9

Small oil press, squeezed and sell oil from oil extraction to sell consumers witnessed the whole process. Seeing is believing, this oil than oil to sell on the market to eat at ease. Opening a fresh oil mill now the virgin now selling small oil press, is in tune with the this life new trend.
Investment Readiness

Investment in equipment for the multi-purpose small oil press can squeeze a variety of oil crops, such as peanuts, soybeans, rapeseed, sunflower, today, fried handset and small oil press machine prices are relatively cheap, just a shopkeeper shop, with small oil press, fried handset and related accessories to the shop, and lower cost.

The address of the small oil press fresh oil mill to be elected at the farmer's market, bustling streets, rural towns, urban residential neighborhood. Oil mill the area preferably 15-40 square meters, the store should carry out a simple decoration, gives a clean, hygienic feeling.
Marketing planning

Small oil press fresh oil mill opening period to do promotional planning, promotional content including the operation of the oil types, and a variety of service projects, so that more people understand the characteristics of fresh oil mill.

To strive for excellence in practice, eliminate waste, and always to good quality health OFF.

Producing promotional banners hanging on the store wall and blocks a conspicuous place, in order to expand its influence, and to attract new customers. Promotion of quality assurance card or discount card issued to oil purchases. Undertake processing business, wholesale and retail, puerile, the development of the surrounding stores, to broaden the scope of business.

Try to extract oil in the peak of the flow of people, so that not only embodies the word "fresh", but also improve the propaganda Youfang squeezed and sold both oil incense four drift, and equal to the free publicity.

With the enhancement of health consciousness of consumers, people are gradually changing the traditional dietary pattern, natural vegetable oil is increasingly popular "green" food. Small oil press people witnessed you squeeze a nutrient-rich, mellow taste edible vegetable oil, rapeseed, peanut and small oil press oil extraction process is open and transparent, it will certainly be rest assured to purchase.