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And other pressure filling machine works and application
2012-10-29 by seoer9

And other pressure filling machine Overview

    Isobaric filling methods (D type machine) is applicable to the PET bottle, plastic bottle filling carbonated drinks, and various parts of the applicable bottle type adjustment by turning the handle can be freely and conveniently. Filling method uses a new type of isobaric filling, the filling speed

Faster and more stable, higher yields compared to native machine with the same specifications and greater efficiency. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) control the machine to run automatically, so into the bottle into the bottle chain transducer is used to adjust and complement each other with the host inverter running more stable

Given reliable. Parts of the operation status of the photoelectric detector, a high degree of automation, easy to operate.

Second, and other pressure filling machine works

    First inflator of the packaging container, so that the internal gas pressure and is equal to the gas pressure of the accumulator cylinder, and then theliquid filling machine is filled into the packaging container within the machine, the liquid storage cylinder is equal to the pressure and the pressure bottle flows into the bottle, by liquid weight while filling. Pour

Loaded valve pneumatic valve control, higher filling accuracy, filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted, Filling head adopts anti-pull and lifting filling device.

Third, and so the application of pressure filling machine

    Canning equipment and other pressure filling machines is based on the introduction, digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology, according to our beverage cans process requirements, innovation developed by an advanced level, it is mainly used in soft drinks, cola, sparkling wine and other sparkling drink

The material of canned. It has a state-of-the-art structure, steady work, reliable, safe operation, easy maintenance, can stepless speed, high production efficiency. Is ideal for small and medium-sized beverage plants canning equipment.