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The filling machine is a subset of products in the packaging machine
2012-12-04 by seoer9

The filling machine is a subset of products in the packaging machine, liquid filling machine, paste filling machine , powder filling machines , granules filling machines from the angle of packaging materials can be divided into; degree of automation of the production to speak divided into semi-automatic filling machines and automatic filling of Health

Production line filling classified by types of packaging are mainly three categories: selection of bags, hoses and bottles, filling machine and is closely related to the packaging.

With the rapid development of China's wine industry, the production of beer, wine, rice wine, liquor and other alcoholic sustained growth of China's alcoholic beverage (excluding fruit wine, fermentation alcohol) output has reached 2878 million liters, an increase of 8.2% year-on-year. The experts pointed out that China's

The beverage industry is a high-growth industry, stable growth of mature drinks, new hotspots and growth points are emerging faster-growing emerging drinks. Packaging machinery in China has developed into the world's liquid food industry have a significant impact and great market accounting

The rate of the industry. Therefore, liquid filling machine market development has great potential.

Of liquid filling confidential meet the rapid development of the needs of the packaging industry, and actively participate in international competition, it is necessary to break the "small and scattered the industry trend to continue moving forward in the direction of the" sophisticated ". The industry believes that the future of liquid filling

The machine will be coordinated with the trend of industrial automation, diversified technology development toward the mechanical function, and structural design of standardized, modular, intelligent control, structural precision direction liquid. Filling machine for food, medicines present

Modern processing and mass production to provide the necessary guarantees. Which once again proved a huge market potential for the development of liquid filling machine.