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The development of the domestic packaging machinery
2012-12-20 by seoer9

Domestic packaging machinery manufacturers have a professional research and development of few manufacturers, which is the country's inadequacies. But not horizontal labeling machine off efforts in the domestic packaging machinery manufacturers packaging machinery metering, manufacturing, technology and performance with good

Achievement, especially beer, beverage filling machines with high-speed, sets, high degree of automation, good reliability. Food packaging machine technically a substantial improvement, the emergence of mechatronics, the surge in demand for automated packaging machine equipment, not

A variety of food packaging machinery demand in the coming years will grow rapidly.

Domestic packaging machinery manufacturers working on high-tech, the servo labeling machines high-quality production and reliable service. Domestic packaging machinery is also growing as the market changes, the domestic packaging machinery manufacturers to the development of fast, low power consumption,

Future product updates or increase the proportion of the production line ofpowder packing machine , low-cost packaging equipment direction and with the production of packaging machinery and equipment will rise, in particular, the demand for food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry is the most intense.