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What issues should pay attention to liquid filling machine
2012-12-24 by seoer9

Liquid filling machine is only applicable to the the filling liquid low concentrations items, can not be used for any other purpose. In order to ensure the safe production, please note the following:

1, used in accordance with the specified power and air supplyliquid filling machine .

2, removable and washable liquid filling machine, be sure to turn off the gas source and power.

3, the second half of the liquid filling machine (near the control buttons) internal equipped with electrical control components, no matter under what circumstances should direct water to flush the body, or there will be the risk of electric shock, damage to the electrical control element 4, in order to prevent electric shock, machine

Have a good grounding, liquid filling machine with a grounded outlet.

5, turn off the power switch, part of the liquid filling machines electrical control circuit there is voltage present, be sure to unplug the power cord when maintenance control lines.