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Outlook of the domestic and international food packaging machinery
2013-01-30 by seoer9

Very optimistic about the prospects for the prosperity of China's commodity economy and improvement of people's living standards, food packaging machinery and packaging technology. In recent years, the state has increased supervision of the quality and safety of food and drugs, the production and processing of food packaging technology

Proposed new requirements. The number of food producers has invested funds for technical transformation and production of packaging equipment technology innovation, to some extent, enhance the level of China's food industry and market competitiveness.

Although the level of China's food packaging machinery packaging technology has improved, but China's food packaging machinery packaging technology with the developed countries than in competition or significantly disadvantaged. Presence of low levels of about 30% of China's packaging machinery industry enterprise

Redundant construction. This situation is not only a waste of limited funds, manpower and other important resources, but also caused a chaotic disorder of packaging machinery market, hindering the healthy development of the industry, which restricts the upgrading of China's small and medium-sized food companies packaging machinery and packaging

Technological innovation.

China's food packaging machinery and more stand-alone-based, low technology content and degree of automation applications in new technologies, new processes, new materials, and can not meet the requirements of our current food enterprise development. Some food companies for technological innovation,

Have to spend a lot of money from abroad advanced technology, high production efficiency, high precision packaging, food packaging sets production line, resulting in a large part of the domestic market share occupied by foreign brands. China's food packaging machinery

Exhibition space is still vast, the level of food packaging machinery and packaging technology need to be urgently developed.

Domestic food packaging machinery with international major gaps

1, low production efficiency, high energy consumption, poor stability and reliability, product modeling behind the appearance of rough, basic parts and accessories, low life, made pneumatic parts and electrical components of poor quality. 2, control technology applications. Such as long-distance remote control technology, stepper motor technology, information processing technology. Experts pointed out that the level of packaging machinery from Germany, Italy, the United States and Japan in a leading position in the world. Wherein, in the United States molding,

Filling, sealing three kinds of machinery and equipment technology updates soon. U.S. liquid filling equipment company (EJF) production ofliquid filling machine , a device can realize the gravity filling pressure filling and positive displacement pump filling. That is, any viscosity

Liquid through the microcomputer control to change the filling can be achieved. In the last few years, this technology in the country, such as Jiangsu Qunjie Packaging Machinery Factory, Guangzhou, Macao Special packaging machine companies, and so on.

The foreign packaging machinery development status


German packaging machinery are world-class in terms of measurement, manufacturing, technical performance. The country's production of beer, beverage filling equipment production speed, high degree of automation, and reliability. Mainly reflected in: process flow automation, production

High efficiency, to meet short delivery time and reduce process costs; equipment has higher flexibility and flexibility. Mainly in the production flexibility and structure flexibility and supplier flexibility to adapt to the needs of the product replacement; Lee

Provide complete sets of equipment, low failure rate using computer simulation technology, remote diagnostic services; less environmental pollution, including noise, dust, pollution and waste.


40% of Italian production of packaging machinery, food packaging machinery, such as candy packaging machine, tea packaging machine,filling machines . The product is characterized by elegant appearance, excellent performance, the price is cheap. Italian packaging machinery industry's biggest advantage is that

Design and production in accordance with the requirements of the user, and can guarantee the complete design, production, testing, supervision, inspection, assembly, adjustment and user needs analysis.

With the development of world science and technology, the developed countries have nuclear technology, microelectronic technology, laser technology, bio-technology and systems engineering into the traditional mechanical manufacturing technology. New alloy materials, polymeric materials, composite materials, inorganic non-gold

Get the promotion and application of food packaging machinery integrated, intelligent, networked, flexible metallic materials and new materials will become the future mainstream of development. The future of manufacturing will appear in the following characteristics:

Multi-species becomes batch production scale: small quantities of mass-less varieties.

Allocation of resources: labor-intensive equipment-intensive information-intensive and knowledge-intensive.

Mode of production: hand the mechanization of stand-alone automated rigid water line of flexible automatic line intelligent automatic line automatically.

Process methods: emphasis on the processing of pre-and post-processing, and attention to technique and equipment, manufacturing technology process methods, process equipment, process materials as one of the sets of technology.

Process Control: logistics, inspection, packaging, storage, process control as part of the manufacturing technology.

Products circulatory system: design and production preparation the manufacturing pins maintenance recycling, the entire process of the formation of a virtuous circle.

Packaging machinery industry in the face of the needs of the market and how to catch up even surpass the developed countries, food packaging machinery, and how to increase the pace of innovation, and strive to develop in a short time a number of products with independent intellectual property rights and the international advanced level,

The urgent task is placed in front of food packaging machinery enterprises in China.