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Low-level phenomenon of trying to change the filling machine
2013-02-27 by seoer9


Everything is not absolutely perfect, our filling machine. After three years development, our filling machine has to get rid of the lowest level of the stage, and gradually matured. But today, China filling machine with low water

Level phenomenon is particularly serious, not what their own domestic high-techfilling machines equipment, this is really a big disadvantage in the filling machine in China. Introduction strategy, while promoting the rapid development of our filling machines, also stifle innovation capability of filling machine

This excessive reliance has seriously hampered the sustained and steady development of the domestic filling machine, and also the domestic basic filling machinery enterprises to the brink of extinction. Clearly, the low level of development of the filling machine will affect the entire filling industry

Development, therefore, we must find ways to change this situation. The facilities are not complete, the lack of high-precision and large filling machine products. Performance comparison, China's edible oil filling machine products with lower performance, mainly in stability, reliability

And short life. Comparison from the corporate side, the lack of filling industry leading enterprises, thereby resulting in the production of small-scale, low-grade filling machinery, weak R & D capabilities and other aspects.
We should make corresponding countermeasures, according to the development of the market can not be limited to the current market demand, we should increase investment to develop high-end filling machine products, soliquid filling machine industry into international irrigation installed in the market