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Pressed oil from the oil extraction process
2013-03-19 by seoer9

The process of squeezing oil physical crushing method, the oil extraction process is the chemical leaching.
The physical requirements of the production process of the press law the raw materials to be Featured fuel through to the complex, to stone crushing, steaming and roasting, extrusion, to separate the oil from the oil, add fried seed in the process of machine pressed, pressing machine pressing system after the high-tech natural filtration purification technology and made. Maintain the authentic peanuts, mellow flavor, rich in vitamin E, long shelf life, and without any additives, without residual solvent containing the soap amount is a modern technology combined with the traditional process to produce natural green food.
The principle of the chemical leaching method is the application of chemical extraction, selection of certain organic solvents capable of dissolving grease (immersion or spray), by contact with the oil, so that the oil in the oil has been extracted from a liquefaction methods. Leaching legal system oil meal low residual oil (high oil), low labor intensity, leaching of hair oil after dewaxing, degumming, dehydration, deodorization, deacidification, bleaching and other chemical processing to food. Or up to less than one, the the two squeezing standard peanut oil, plus part through leaching and then refining oil to reach the original standard, secondary or new standards for oil extraction, four, because after the Dow Chemical processing part of the natural ingredients in the grease is destroyed, and the residual solvent

expeller press peanut oil has a color, smell and taste, to retain the characteristics of various nutrients.
The extracted oil is a colorless, odorless, and is destroyed after processing most of the nutrients.
The peanut oil standard has been drafted by the National Food Authority is responsible for the introduction of the implementation of, and cancel currently in use in China in 1986, enacted in 1988, the old standard, the new standard provides: squeeze peanut oil, peanut oil of leaching to identify the "squeeze" in the product label. " leaching ".
With the social progress and the improvement of people's living standards, dietary pay attention to nutrition and health become a pursuit, peanut oil production process transparent, that is, in order to allow consumers to understand the production process of the peanut oil, the right to information to consumers to choose in the hands of consumers.