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Scope and advantages of the single head ointment filling machine
2012-08-28 by seoer9

Single head ointment pellets making machine Scope: food, cosmetics, creams, pesticides, sauce, adhesives, anchor agent paste and high-viscosity liquid materials;
How it works: The machine pneumatic plunger quantitative filling, driven by the cylinder piston material in the hopper through the three-way rotary valve pumping the feed tube launched via a three-way rotary valve cylinder drive the material, the material from the irrigation fitted mouth into the container; pushed through the cylinder

Into the stroke control the amount of filling.
Main components: hopper, three-way rotary valve, metering tube, cylinder, anti-drip filling mouth.

Advantage of characteristics of single head ointment filling machinesCompact models, reasonable design, easy to operate;
· Pneumatic part Taiwan AirTac pneumatic components, stable performance and low failure rate;
The whole machine adopts high quality stainless steel 304/316L stainless steel material contact parts, composite GMP health requirements;
Filling mouth using pneumatic anti-drip device, the filling is not drawing, not drip;
· Fully pneumatic explosion-proof, according to environmental requirements to completely uncharged operate, more security.