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The Italian filling machine popular in our country
2013-01-24 by seoer9

Italy and Germany are the major powers of the filling machine, and have a long history of development. In the the world filling machine on the export market,

the two are mutually unbeatable opponent, both filling machine sales around the world, is a major exporter of filling machine each

Has its own characteristics. The the Italian filling machine popular in our country, filling machinery in Italy, give full play to the advantages of the

traditional mechanical structure, vial filling machine equipment introduction, with its high-performance, affordable and elegant appearance, ease of

operation and maintenance, and other special

Japan filling machine mainly SMEs, thus mostly small and medium-sized filling machinery products, winning many varieties, give full play to the advantages of

electronic technology in Japan. Italy become after Germany's second-largest exporter of filling machinery products

The country is also popular. As we all know, the annual CCTV Spring Festival Evening during many businesses plus an ad in the middle of the CCTV Spring

Festival Evening, hesitate to spend hundreds of millions of advertising costs. I ask this for what Very simple, in order to improve enterprise products known

Name degrees, in order to establish the power of a corporate brand. Similarly, the filling machine industry also need the power of the brand.
Its production and varieties rank in the world. Germany filling machines to sophisticated features, especially in high-speed, high-reliability, high

packaging quality, highly automated, the height of complete sets of world-renowned, especially in filling lines and large

Bag making, filling, inflated, sealing and filling machine models occupy an important position in the world market. In order to establish a business, a

national brand, must strengthen the sales and after-sales means, and earnestly safeguard the vital interests of consumers rely on qualitative

Quantity, price, and service to win the long-term development of the enterprise (sustainable development). Thus creating a well-known brand enterprises.
Many other packaging equipment simply can not satisfy this demand. paste filling machine , however, can play a huge role in the food industry, daily chemical

industry and advantage! Today, paste filling machine and different at that automation technology gap

Bag filling equipment before bulky and backward technology, resulting in a lot of products are not ideal, with the concept of consumer continuously improve

these products began to reject, which led to many corporate updates paste filling machine updating. Package

The market is therefore set off a paste filling machine buying binge.