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Disrupt the market for low-level filling machine
2013-01-24 by seoer9

Filling machine development to now, there are still a lot of small businesses, low-levelfilling machines repetitive production, and seriously disrupted the

development of the filling machine industry in China. Ancient down today, only conforms to the historical development will be successful, and contrary to the

historical development

Development is doomed to failure. Filling machine industry, too, has entered the information age, the the automation era of high-tech filling machine market

has been the concern of consumers are very like.
The detection and control of the production process, fault diagnosis and troubleshooting fully automated, high-speed, high-quality, low consumption and

production safety. For precise measurement of paste food, automatic control of high-speed filling and packaging process more simplified, large

Greatly improve the quality of the cream filling. Repetitive production of low cost, technological backwardness, easy to manufacture small filling machinery

products. Paste filling industry about 1/4 the presence of low-level repetitive, which owned

Source caused a great deal of waste, causing oil filling machine market chaos, a serious impediment to the development of paste filling machine industry.
The mechatronic the essence, from the system point of view, the principle of the use of process control, machinery, electronics and information, detection

technology organic combination, to achieve overall optimization. Generally speaking, it is the introduction of computer technology into the irrigation

Installed machinery, application of mechatronics technology. Paste filling machine design should focus on improving the degree of automation of the paste

filling machine, paste filling machine R & D and computer combination of mechatronic control. Development of intelligent filling technology

Automatic filling process requirements combined into a fully automatic filling system for production.
The amount of users, there is much in the market. Emphasis on the user experience, some foreign enterprises consciousness earlier also place, such as: the

number of milk producers for their users to establish a personal consumer files

Can record the physical condition and health needs of each customer, these data will directly be enterprise integrated production of differentiated products,

filling machine according to the user's specific situation. To do so, although some trouble, but this

Starting from the user's attitude also allow them to win more loyal customers.