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Won Transfer filling machine industry in crisis
2013-02-21 by seoer9

Since the U.S. financial crisis, the global economy has been in a recovery phase, Some say it is the most serious financial turmoil has affected the world. China as a trading power, choose the reform and opening up and integration into the international, while investment and exports to pull

Moving plays a vital role in China's economic growth, the recent financial turmoil has also affected the development of the Chinese economy,liquid filling machine as the manufacturing industry also receives a challenge in the current economic crisis, the crisis also means that the turning point, the entire irrigation installed capacity of the industry is also

In this baptism mature.
The economic crisis, China's exports is limited, combined with a variety of barriers to trade, companies have to rethink the way out of the enterprise where Have to practice internal strength. Filling machine in China to continue moving forward in the past few decades, the level of technology in the continuous improvement and

Improved equipment are constantly upgrading. With the growing popularity of automation technology, filling machines from the previous manual evolved into intelligent operation, automatic packaging machines.
As the development of enterprises inside and outside due to a common decision, enterprise practicing internal strength, emphasis on technology and quality, but also pay more attention to the accumulation of external publicity and enterprise software culture, watching the construction of the brand. Although the economic crisis of the filling machine industry

Affected exports, but China's industrial economy is far from Europe and the United States developed large industrial economic development, the demand for packaging machinery space is relatively large, especially automated filling machine.