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2011 particles machine consumer rights analysis of complaints
2012-06-19 by seoer9

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 Miles Promotion Association since 1992, adhere to the purpose of supporting the superior inferior regulate the market and guide the consumer, service enterprises, and always carried out with a distinctive theme of the news media to expose the exposure of a number of selling fake goods to support the publicity of a number of famous companies, famous cases, safeguard the interests of consumers by the praise of the community. The complaint rights office by accepting complaints for the majority of users and consumers to solve problems, to carry out a survey of the press and public opinion on the nature of the poor, the prominent problem of major violations.

Particles machine years, total receiving consumer complaints in 9809, Report 55 from the 4285 people receiving visitors and telephone consultation, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations properly gone through 8187, settles the rate of 86%, to relevant departments for processing 187 for consumers to recover economic losses of more than 2600 million. Consumer complaints, the more focused in engineering particles, corporate advertising and particle machine, the volume of complaints year on year increase of 8.0%, 7.15%, 5.14%. Among them, the complaint ratio, the high share of the various problems arising in the particle machine.

A particle machine consumer complaints activist

(A) particles machine counterfeit particles Station and scattered particles mechanic fraud

Complaint information, particle machine part of the various particles machine high, the most important thing is fake and special particles stations (points), the guerrilla particles take various forms fraudulently, allow consumers to keep track of.

Liu, who lives in Yanjiao, Hebei Province, reflected that the gas appliances in her home occasionally misfire happen cell particles mechanic door service. Particles mechanic door back Liu, check the gas appliance, and then told Liu gas leak with a very dangerous, to quickly repair. Liu doubts before and there is no such problem, then the particles mechanic, this failure will not repair, Liu to find a regular granular base station, went on, groping in the gas appliance, suddenly come up with a written particle machine strip of the service phone to tell Sharon, which is posted on the gas appliance to allow Sharon to find each other repair machine telephone written manufacturers particles. Liu a, and quickly dial the other phone, explain the situation, the caller said a while to come home repair. Hung up the phone, the particles mechanic left.

Had a moment, the particle machine station staff home after the view that orange juicing machine
 can not be repaired, only replaced, replacement and also additional costs. After about a half-day price, Sharon home gas appliance depreciation, plus pay 1200 dollars to replace a new gas appliance.

Finally solved the problem, Liu opened using only to find the gas with the combustion, flame red, weak firepower. Just call that particle machine phone, but again no answer after listening to. Liu decided to find manufacturers complaints, only think of each other without leaving the invoice or any other bills, gas and replace this with no manual, no models, check the Internet, this brand of gas appliances do not have this style.

After Liu recalled, home gas appliance use for ten years and have never seen that piece strip of particle machine phone before the particles mechanic to check, there is no leakage problem.

This type of fraud complaints this year, although the initial encounter, nor a case. To be sure, not a guerrilla-type particles crew partner fraud, counterfeit special particles Station "fishing" behavior is the "upgrade" the past, wait for the unknown truth consumers "hooked".

Guerrilla cell particles crew, there is no fixed place of business, no formal training and no qualifications, the quality of the particle crew, technical strength, particle machine and accessories are up to no access to formal corporate special particles stations (points) standard requirements of the regional service center services particles machine and particle machine can not be guaranteed. Their behavior, fraud, hastily choose such persons particles machine may give consumers a personal and property safety and security, counterfeit and special granular base stations (points) also have this problem. The majority of consumers must pay attention to prevention, especially the elderly awareness is weak, should pay more attention to self-protection, electrical home be sure to choose the regular particles machine service station particles machine. For the convenience of the majority of consumer inquiries, I will again some brands particles machine service telephone to (list attached).

Since 2007, I would have announced the four batches of particles machine counterfeit special particle machine service stations (points) list, and cooperate with relevant departments in accordance with the law on the part of the fake and the special particles stations (points) rectified. But such incidents still occur, the new means of fraud are also emerging, there are many consumers out of the cost of saving particles machine choose counterfeit special granular base station or particles scattered particles mechanic to machine, but caused a greater loss . Counterfeit special granular base station or scattered particles machine fraud are: high-priced to sell low-quality parts, to exaggerate the failure of the product, malicious destruction of a manufacturing fault, does not particle machine is said to have been repaired, arbitrarily high repair costs.

I will decide this year to carry out the particles machine fog, mysterious customers than the true and false activities for the National Consumer collecting particles machine industry "mystery shopper". I will together with the Mystery Shopper, field operations, to carry out genuine special particles Station particles machine conditions than on the activities of the whole show the staff of the special particles stations and counterfeiting special particles Station particles machine process, so that consumers effectively experience and identification of genuine, active, consciously away from the fake and the special particle base station.

(B) engineering granule machine particles machine particle machine service standards, regulations, lack of

In recent years, I will receive increased complaints of engineering particles machine involving cranes, compressors particles, loaders, excavators and other particles machine, the main particle machine works particle machine and particle machine.

Mr. Wen of Henan user to purchase a crane, to use soon, often the main winch shaking the slow motion of the auxiliary hook, pressure - the phenomenon of electronic particles malfunction, causing the winch can play not fall, can fall not from the engine pull smoke, diesel oil pressure gauge does not indicate the arm when walking swimming back and forth rotation too much too fast and other issues. Repair has neither solve. Complainant to communicate with the factory, the factory is a bad attitude, poor service particle machine. I will handle the case, the factory still refuses to do any written reply on the matter, constantly shirking responsibility. Number of mediation, the issue is resolved.

Shandong Persky from the dealer to buy a loader work over 100 hours of use less than a month, the loader boom from side to side, engine oil leakage, and coordination requirements with the dealer several times to return cars and eventually the distributors agree , but put forward: to wait for someone to buy and then sell. After by mediation, the issues have been resolved.

Particle machine works is a loss of particles machine, the problems often encountered in the course lead to product failure, improper use or construction of wear and tear caused by the product itself, the particle machine, it is difficult to simple identification, should be measured and identified. Fault detection, identification, particles and any other technical advantages over user basically has the absolute right to speak. With the market opening and economic development, more and more families and individuals to become new users of engineering particles machine, relative to the strength of large enterprises, individual users have neither technical knowledge nor the economic strength to do the high cost of Identification of , in a weak position.

However, some enterprises to face the problem of particle machine, the first reaction is to shirk responsibility particles machine often is caused by improper use, refused to admit liability, the user can not issue a product failure is evidence of particle machine, you can not get appropriate compensation. Many individual users are doing all the investment in engineering particles machine, as a livelihood, once the product is a big failure, particles machine costs and lost income has become a heavy burden.

Works particle machine is no clear "Three Guarantees" particle machine manufacturers use to set our own standards, some of the unspoken rules tend to manufacturers in the industry, and not the sake of user rights. In this regard, we call for:

As soon as possible to develop and improve relevant laws and regulations, increased supervision. The departments concerned should proceed to develop engineering particles machine class "Three Guarantees", the characteristics of different products and there may be a variety of issues, development of corresponding, in line with actual market standards and regulations, set out in the prone particles machine key components, so that the handling of disputes according to the law of the particle machine. Enterprises should strictly product particles authorities, departments must strengthen supervision, supervision of enterprises to fulfill their security principal responsibility of the product particle machine, while standardizing the particles up service. Suspected of fake and shoddy criminal, they must be severely punished.

Enterprises to the real customer when "God". Engineering and particle machine brands to socially responsible, responsible for the consumer, but also the responsibility of the enterprise itself, the product particles machine must have the courage to play, provide services to consumers in accordance with the law to solve the security problems of the particle machine, a corporate brand image .