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The role played by the filling machine in the production activities
2012-11-08 by seoer9

Filling machine to play an important role in the production activities in the various industries in China, we see in everyday life in many sectors of the beverage, milk, health care products, pesticides, food, medicine and other products are required to use the filling machine Filling Health

Production, therefore, the quality of the filling machines production has an important effect, and then how to produce a performance filling machine? Filling machine manufacturing process, who plays an important role in it? Those factors and imagination

Forward to the performance of the merits of the filling machine do?

This problem I specifically ask nine Bo filling machine designers, designers are certainly say that the design and manufacturing process of filling machine plays a decisive factor is the filling system, many companies in the industry using the Filling Department

System: aseptic cold filling, hot filling, super clean (warm) filling and so on. Aseptic cold filling system is capable of gentle handling of natural or sensitive products, due to the lower temperature can maximize avoid nutrient losses (only instantaneous off

Bacteria), adapted to the high transparency, lightweight PET bottles but also more freedom for filling different bottle-shaped product. Hot filling can be reduced due to material cooling caused by the retraction of the possibility of reducing the amount of dissolved oxygen in the PET bottles, with a clean, temperature-controlled functions

. Ultra-clean (medium temperature) filling to the temperature limit of the ordinary PET bottle (PET material has a glass transition point of 73 ° C) as the base point, the ancillary filling environment, the requirements of the bottling line and the subsequent process, may be do not add any preservatives

Agent, we can achieve the purpose of preservation.

Thus obvious that filling system in the entire manufacturing process of liquid filling machine occupies an important position, and played an integral role in the filling process, not filling system will not be able to produce a filling machine, filling package production line. Pour

The performance of the installed system directly determines the performance of the filling equipment. This is why large sub-packaging machinery companies are working to develop a new filling system or upgrade the reasons for the original system.

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