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The gap between packaging machinery and foreign products
2012-11-20 by seoer9

At present, the development trends of the world packaging machinery is the production of high-efficiency, high utilization of resources, energy-saving

products, and high-tech practical commercialization of research results. Forpowder packing machine in China with foreign products, technological level, the gap

is still large, far can not meet domestic demand, and dedication to the path of China's packaging machinery.
Packaging Machinery in China is the lack of high-tech, high-precision, high-quality accessory products, product performance, stability and reliability; lack

of leading enterprises, high level of technology, production scale, product quality is not high, to a certain extent and domestic packaging machinery

industry on the back of extensive operation to expand the scale of production by increasing the funds invested.
However, China's packaging machinery has been some awareness in this regard, also accelerated to digitization, automation, the packaging machinery

mechatronics technology advantage near the pace, but in order to achieve a high degree of packaging machinery modernization strategy of going out, or need

accelerate the growth of dedication to short piece of board, and strive to catch up with the international trend.
Packaging machinery industry, not only in the common technologies and conventional equipment to form a more perfect system, but also in key equipment and key

technologies to meet the needs of the market, the road to the sophisticated. Packaging machinery companies to continuously own innovation to change backward

business philosophy and thinking, improve pellet packing machine production efficiency and product diversification, so as to achieve the healthy and orderly

development of packaging machinery industry.


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