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China's food packaging machinery industry has entered a stage of integration to enhance
2013-01-05 by seoer9

China's food and packaging machinery industry is an emerging industry that grew up under the market economy environment. So far, food and packaging machinery

industry in the country according to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 6,000 enterprises, including more than 2,000 is not stable enough, every

Conversion of nearly 15%, or close down years, but about 15% of companies have joined the industry. The industry believes that the domestic food and

packaging machinery industry has entered the elevated stage of integration, enterprises should strengthen the cultivation of the brand, improve new product

New technology research and development capabilities.

At present, the problem of domestic food and packaging machinery industry mainly includes the following aspects: low-level redundant production in the early

1980s of the last century, when China has just entered the market economy, the number of the original manufacturing machine tools, agricultural SMEs in a

market economy

The impact of the tide, encountered great difficulties, so have transferred to a better market prospects, packaging machinery, food machinery industry. In

addition, due to the market demand, the number of private enterprises in the packaging and food machinery to find a way out

. Disparities enterprises origin (state-owned, collective, private), funds, equipment, technical strength, starting the same overall pattern is the starting

point less. Such as automatic sealing machine, there are hundreds of companies in a region in the production, regulation

Mold is not large, the past two decades have not changed much, but greatly reduced due to the implementation of the production costs of specialized

production leaving. Although this product is in greater demand, but because of a large number of repeat production of the same area, low profit margins.

There are some products, such as

Small liquid filling machine ten years did not change the production enterprises, low-price competition has seriously affected the quality of the product.

Many enterprises have just followed behind the others ran, what kind of equipment do good sales, without regard to intellectual property rights. One

entrepreneur said

The past, he is focusing on product innovation, but each new product out in less than half a year, some people do what I do. Recently, some companies find

great opportunities for foreign markets, so the herd phenomenon. Killing each other to race to seize the overseas market, the domestic enterprises in


Desperate bargain. This approach can easily lead to foreign anti-dumping, then the loss is not a corporate but the entire industry. Enterprise innovation

ability is weak food and packaging machinery industry, although the number of employees and the total number of enterprises more, but the industry Section

Research is weak, the industry's research institutes, universities and colleges of the appropriate professional less. Especially in research institutes later

changed to the enterprise, and technical personnel mostly in the struggle for survival, many research institutions in order to sell their products, no play

Advantage, even if new research, but can not afford to go promotional timely transformed into productive enterprises had to rely on their own power to

develop new products. The industry some cutting-edge technologies such as ultra-low temperature, ultra-high pressure

, Membrane separation, supercritical fluid extraction, radiation, vacuum only by certain institutions are unable to complete the urgent need of businesses to

invest in funds. Used to promote the industry, academia, research combining R & D model failed to succeed in the industry, the limited scientific research

efforts also failed to charge

Points play a role in many businesses live by copying imitation. The production concentrated enough but due to the lack of production concentration, only a

dozen billion annual output value and sales of food and packaging machinery industry enterprises industry-wide best enterprise output value and sales

Amounted to just over 10 million, only one listed companies. 50 enterprises with annual sales of over 30 million yuan only, only 80 billion of total sales of

the 50 companies, only 20.66% of the concentration of 75% of export products is accomplished by these companies, future

Industry, large enterprises will be generated in these enterprises. Industry insiders estimate that the end of the year, 100 companies with annual sales of

over 30 million yuan, more than 50% of production concentration. For businesses, industry experts believe, to strengthen the brand

Training efforts to be innovative in the competition, copies or only eliminated. We can see, in the the beer beverage filling production line, corrugated

board production line, instant noodle production line, cupfilling machines , wide format laminating machine, and more than 200 liters vats blow

Although many manufacturers of machine, BOPP blowing machine, chocolate, equipment and other fields, but high-profile, sales showed a significant central

tendency, well-known enterprises, famous brands is gradually taking shape.

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