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The global filling machine market development and its rapid
2013-01-09 by seoer9

The world as a whole to maintain a state of peace, it provides a good development opportunities to the development of thefilling machines . As the global economy continues to continue to increase, driven by the rapid development of the filling machine market.

Food packaging machine significantly improved technically, the emergence of mechatronics, the horizontal servo labeling machine labeling machine makes automated packaging equipment demand surge will be rapid growth in demand for the next few years, a variety of food filling machinery. Special dedication and more

Models of new products: vacuum liquid filling machine, small liquid filling machine , chili sauce filling machine, eight automatic linear gravity filling line, the six filling (cooking oil) gland capping machine, automatic line liquid filling production line.

Domestic packaging machinery manufacturers to the development of fast, low-power, low-cost packaging equipment direction of development, and already has the production of packaging machinery and equipment companies will rise in the future product updates or increase the proportion of the production line of packaging machinery, especially food

The strongest demand for products, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Automatic filling machine manufacturers in the country continued efforts of the domestic packaging machinery in measurement, manufacturing, technology and performance has been a good achievement, especially beer, beverage filling equipment with high-speed

Sets, high degree of automation, reliability.

Single filling equipment filling requirements difficult to achieve.

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