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Filling machine equipment development is not enough
2013-02-02 by seoer9

Filling machine filling machine equipment development is not enough, in the development of our country has been for many years, and still can not meet the domestic demand. These years filling machine developed rapidly in our country, because we have a huge potential, so many foreign filling machines

Suppliers, filling machines are aimed at the domestic market. So This led to fierce market competition in our country filling machine, originally domestic enterprises in the filling machine on the lot would have been intense competition, a filling machine market more lively.
Granule packing machine, powder packaging machine, vacuum packaging machine, shrink packaging machinery, machine,liquid filling machine , oil filling machine, packaging and bottling lines divided the semi-automatic and fully automatic packaging machine, with the concept of low-carbon environmental health, high automatically

The characteristics of high efficiency, high intelligence, diversified to meet the various agricultural production packaging requirements, and contribute to the bumper harvest in agriculture. Currently, small scale enterprises in the domestic beer filling machinery manufacturing industry and beverage filling machinery manufacturing industry, industry

The product is rich, but the specific manufacturers by the level of development of the limited product line is not perfect. One of the few mainly part of the majority of enterprises or in the form of small filling equipment supply products, be able to undertake the entire production line engineering enterprise.
China is a large agricultural country, while autumn is the the various agricultural harvest season, food, seeds, fertilizers, and other swarmed market is bound to be whipped up an "packaging" boom, packaging machinery will also inevitably be involved "in this

Craze promote agricultural safer, richer towards the market. Processed into powdered glutinous rice flour, wheat flour, maize flour, starch, peanuts, soybeans pressed into edible oil, fruit drinks and so on.
Continuous learning, continuous progress. In order to become victorious general of the automatic sealing and cutting machine industry. Rest on its laurels, occlusion vision, how to become the industry leader. Many large oil filling machine manufacturers already have independent

Independent research and development capabilities, the establishment of the Ministry of Scientific Research, and given the scientific research to be well protected, our edible oil filling machine hard long road, many large manufacturers now also regularly sent officers abroad to learn. Our food

Oil filling machines also need to keep learning. Create a better equipment.


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