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The roller extrusion granulator granulated working principle
2012-08-25 by seoer9

Roller extrusion pellets making machine mainly includes two extrusion; Second granulation. Extrusion: dry materials under the pressing action of double roll roller

extrusion granulator into pie, when the density of the material is large, the molecular voids between small and not easily entered in the subsequent

preservation of the finished The air is damp. In this process also utilizes the principle of physical intermolecular forces, the molecules being extruded

freely combined into spatial density appropriate molecular. Granulation: The material is pressed into a pie roller extrusion granulator broken, split, said

numerous small particles to achieve the purpose of granulation. Strictly extrusion and granulation, roller extrusion granulator in raw material utilization

up to 85%, no waste discharge middle without multiple processing, basic support for environmental protection. The biggest feature to the number of its twin-

roll, roll To select material selection, hardness, strength in carbon steel plate, channel steel welded together, and after comparison with other granulator

roller extrusion granulator strict quality control and process requirements, with lifting holes in the four corners of the rack, for use in the handling and