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Extrusion granulator common failure analysis and processing methods
2012-08-27 by seoer9
Extrusion granulation unit set of mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, high degree of integration, high level of automation control. Therefore, in theory run will render the barriers more difficult to diagnose, cause processor Nianguang long, thereby affecting the normal operation of the package polypropylene unit, greatly reducing raw produce economic benefits. Author, based on the the extrusion granulation raw production history of the actual knowledge as well as the management of the production run of more than 10 years of theoretical Students teach this unit presents obstacles often running inclusive develop the to manage flashbacks and renew way due to the development of Appreciation judgment thereby ensuring its long cycle of the shaking operation.
Hinder the sake of reason
Extrusion granulation unit, resulting in extrusion granulation unit running presents argue everything is disengaged, the unit interconnection parking reason can be divided into four major categories:
The main motor fragmented hinder
1, the main motor torque is too high or too low; 2, the main motor speed is too low; 3, main motor bearing temperature is too high; 4, the main motor winding temperature is too high; 5, the primary motor water-cooled cooler outlet temperature is too high ; 6 main motor bearing lubricant pump outlet flow is too low; 7, the main motor bearing oil pump outlet pressure is too low; 8, the primary motor water-cooled cooler water revealed that the amount is too high.
Drive piecemeal hinder
Gearbox shift lever position deviation; 2 argue vergence instrument air pressure is too high; 3, arguing the rate difference and everything is too big; 4, gearbox oil pump outlet pressure is too low; 5, gearbox oil pump the export oil temperature is too high; 6, argue everything is inside hinder.
Extrusion granulation machine screw workmanship segment hampered
1, saving valve has the melt pressure is too high; the head melt pressure is too high; the screen changer successively melt pressure is too large; the car valve migration replacement hinder.
The underwater pelletizing fragmented hinder
1 diced motor winding temperature is too high; 2 pelletizer speed too low; 3 pelletizer torque too high; 4, the particles water bypass active switch hinder; 5, particles of water pressure is too high or too low; 6 particles of water flow is too low; 7, pelletizer clamping bolt is not tight; 8, pelletizing chamber bypass valve is not closed; 9 the pelletizer hydraulic clamping pressure is too low; 10, diced Motor hindered; 11 hydraulic cutter axial feed pressure is too low.
Above obstruct reason, showing more frequency: the main motor fragmented main motor torque is too high or too low; work the transmission piecemeal argue everything is hindered; extrusion granulation machine screw segment piecemeal melt pressure ; underwater pelletizer piecemeal hinder. The below originally under development will see consistent thinking empty hinder sake concrete appreciation, given the appropriate manage way.
The granulator master motor torque is too high
Sake originally Appreciation:
The oil lubrication piecemeal impede the balance of payments of the main motor output shaft and gearbox shaft misalignment, motor and everything is vibration will cause breakdowns in the main motor bearings, resulting in too high torque. In addition, the feed load is too large or molten material adverse will lead to the main motor torque is too high.
Manage flashback:
Regularly check piecemeal development of lubricants, cleaning, vibration measuring instrument and infrared thermometer measurement and composition of the development of the main motor bearings tend Figure. The super trend value, the determination of the main motor idling current value or power value the possibility of super-delineated value, to determine the possibility should change your mind bearing. Periodically check the main motor output shaft and gearbox input shaft between the car in the case, for the first time or changed their mind the bearing run for three months after the inspection to check the situation. Development of electrical test checks certainly rotor disorders reason; development and everything is vibration rate test, If the overriding delineated value should be from the new mediation dynamic imbalance. Regular cylinder heating, cooling piecemeal development checks, to ensure that the material is heated flat uniform melt impractical. Extruder car Shashi main motor power curve and melt pressure curve Shashi increase is too large to explain the feeding fragmented volume of feed lost, should reduce the volume of feed.
The granulation main motor torque is too low
Sake originally Appreciation:
Feeding piecemeal hinder the twin-screw will result in low torque of the main motor idling.
Manage flashback:
Piecemeal or main material of checks to determine increase agent material piecemeal Can hinder, clearing blockage point.
The pellet making machine argued vergence is hampered
Sake originally Appreciation:
The reason The main motor Shashi initiated voltage is too low, arguing disk argued piece overheating, argued the disk and argued piece aging argue disk atmosphere pressure is too low can cause everything is disengaged.
Manage flashback:
When the main motor is initiated, should be lodged in possession peak, lower feed load, a minimum of 30 minutes the partition Nianguang from the newly initiated; when the main motor launched in the summer, repeated twice, should be extended the partition Nianguang or with fan forced cooling. Windswept and instrumentation with a rag to wipe argued piece and argued disk looks gray track wear heavier or the appearance presented vitrification scenario, you should change your mind argue disk, argued piece. Make sure that the atmosphere pressure values ​​inform argue disk can argue tablets fit.
Melt pressure
Sake originally Appreciation:
Filter mesh, the polypropylene powder molten purpose feeding large, paragraphs cylinder temperature low so that molten material is not pure, template opening low to make the head material out of the nose-rubbing reason can lead to melting The body of the pressure is too high.
Manage flashback:
Purpose of raw produce low melt system works, the application of low-mesh filter valve opening degree increase in savings in order to reduce the back pressure; timely change your mind filter, and monitor all the increase in the quality of the agent and the ash content of polypropylene powder guessed. Reduce the amount of feed load. Does not affect the extrusion conditions to overcome the style Rev. forward each segment cylinder temperature, the polypropylene melt temperature proceeds to increase the movement of materials. The pure red scour reasonable template, forward nose temperature extruder parking after and thermostat a period Nianguang.
The granulation machine underwater pelletizing piecemeal hinder
Sake originally Appreciation:
Excessive cutter wear or the knife edge damage, the particulate water flow is too low, the the pelletizer vibration is too large, cutter and templates fit is not tight, the purpose of molten material fluctuations resorted to the flow rate of the difference, the particles water temperature is too high sake of reason can lead to the underwater pelletizing fragmented parking is thus composed of the entire unit interlock parking.
Manage flashback:
After parking, visual inspection of the cutter edge the possibility of excessive wear and tear or damage, should all change your mind cutter. Check and confirmed that the particles of water to the possibility of internal leakage, the particle the jugs filter and cooler blockage, whether clogging artificial liquidation; Check particles pump outlet pressure of the possibility of a normal, if not normal should inspect the the particles water pump and pump pipeline valves . Possibility of ultra poor the checking tool axis and diced motor on the knife shaft bearing assembly inform of breakdowns, the cutter rotor dynamic imbalance Could imbalances. In operation, the contact between the wheels and rails of the four check pelletizing trolley moving inform gap. Control the polypropylene powder volatile, eliminate vibration produced raw flows through the template hole cutter and the cutter axis. The lower template at the temperature of the hot oil, check cylinder and template temperature spread, the barrel cooling water flow rate, pressure and temperature of the possibility of normal; arrived the template at Nianguang set confirm the water, knife, material, avoid the particles of water over The early as arrived template the template hole frozen block. Pelletizer closed head quickly to the promotion of the volume of feed to the extruder set load.
If it could be more than hinder reason points and interlocking logic compiled into a coherent combination hinder diagnostic software for the granulator unit to dominate, inspection and management of the supply fast, intuitive reference and Rescue.