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Extrusion granulating machine operation
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Extrusion granulator operating points, granulator. The granulator operations including machine devices, adjustment, commissioning, operation, maintenance and

repair of a series of links, use granulator should pay special attention to its characteristics. The pellet making machine operation preparatory work for

extrusion of plastic. The raw material should be to achieve the required drying requirements and, if necessary, for further drying. And the material was

sieved to remove the agglomeration the pellets and mechanical impurities. granulator operation, inspection equipment, water, electricity, gas system

is normal, to ensure the smooth flow of water, gas line, does not leak, and electrical systems are in working heating system, temperature control, various

instruments are working and reliable; auxiliary equipment and air low-speed vehicles commissioning, observe whether the device is operating normally; start

shaping stage vacuum pump working properly observe; various equipment lubricants parts lubricated. If the failure to be immediately removed. Installed head

and stereotypes sets. According to the type, size, and choose the right nose specifications. Nose installed in the following order. Granulator operation

after the car thermostat car before driving nose and granulator flange bolts should be tighten to eliminate the difference of the thermal expansion of bolts

and nose, tight nose, the order of the bolts tightened diagonally The force should be uniform. The tight nose flange nut, requiring around elastic

consistent, otherwise run material. Granulator operation, click on the "ready to drive" button, followed by "car" button, then slowly rotate the screw speed

adjustment knob, screw speed slow start. Then gradually speed up, while a small amount of feed. Feeding should pay close attention to the host ammeter and

instructions header indicating the changes. Screw torque Red Label can not be crossed. Plastic profile extrusion granulator operation before any person shall

stand in front of the die, in order to prevent the occurrence of injuries due to the bolts pull off or discharge bulbs and other reasons because the raw

materials moist. Head die extrusion, the plastic from the extrudate to cool slowly and cited on the traction device and stereotypes die and start these

devices. Then the indicated value of the control instruments and extrusion products. Of the various parts to be adjusted accordingly, so that the entire

extrusion operation reaches the normal state. And needed to add a little material, twin-screw granulator operation metering feeder uniform and constant

velocity to feed. Granulator operation (b) the detachable nose screw bulky parts, granulation machine operation should pay attention to the peace project:

electrical, thermal, mechanical rotation, and the loading and unloading of bulky parts. The granulating machine shop lifting equipment required to have. To

ensure safe production. Granulator operating points of the same but also similarities. Plastic machinery industry information for your brief introduction to

the same method of operation in the extrusion of various products and granulator operation points should be noted. Produce different types of plastic

products. Granulator operation of the car is generally based on the appearance of extrudates to determine when the die discharge uniform and plastic

excellent good can be traction man stereotyped sets. The plasticizing judgment need empirically. That the appearance of a shiny, no impurities, no foam, the

coke feed and discoloration hand extrudate squeeze down to a certain level without glitches, rip and have some flexibility, at this time the material is good

plasticization. Plastics bad may be appropriate to adjust the screw speed, barrel and die temperature up to meet the requirements. Various process parameters

are normal process requirements should be checked regularly granulator operation. And fill process record single. Quality inspection norms check the quality

of the product profiles, identify problems and take timely solutions. Granulator operation of parking the plastic burnishing granulator, a granulating

machine operation to stop feeding. Exposed when the screw, closing the barrel and handpiece power supply, stop heating. Screw and auxiliary motor stops

running. 2 Close the granulator and auxiliary equipment power. Assembly head. Clean up the perforated plate and the various components of the handpiece. To

prevent damage to the inner surface of the nose, clean-up and 3 to open the head flange connection. Remaining material application steel nose law, steel

clean up, worn out plastic adhesion within the nose and then with sandpaper and polish, painted with oil or silicone oil, rust-proof. Remove the head, screw,

barrel cleaning up. Restart the host, plus parking material (or broken material) cleaning screw, barrel, then screw selection of low speed about (sr / min)

in order to reduce the wear and tear. Be parking extrusion material crushed into powder form completely with compressed air from the charging port, exhaust

port repeatedly blowing residual pellets and powder until the barrel is indeed no residual material, drop screw speed to zero, stop granulation machine, turn

off the main power and the total cold water valve. Extrusion should ensure that the use and maintenance of the mold sections stereotypical mold and water

tank-block concentricity. Extrusion mold stereotypes die from the closed flexible. The extrusion mold technology state is directly related to the stability

of the extrusion, extrusion of the quality of the products, extruded core local use and maintenance of the extrusion die extrusion mold. The extrusion

production efficiency and mold itself life. Therefore, it is very important to the proper use and maintenance of the extrusion die. The extrusion mold after

the arrival of out-of-the-box check the packaging is intact: out of the box and remove the packing list, check out of the box. Manuals and other technical

documents, and set up an inventory of molds, accessories, special tools, such as the contents of the packing list. 2. Extrusion mold half technical

requirements and the state of the molded parts are generally made of stainless steel and other anti-corrosive material, extrusion die, especially modified

PVC extrusion materials. And quenched and tempered to HRC24 above, in order to guarantee a certain life. There should be no bumps, scratches, burrs, and

attachments, as well as corrosion and other defects. Die calibrator and its parts work appearance should be smooth. Try to to prevent section mutations and

stagnation feed zone. The die flow channel system along the melt flow direction should be gentle. Modal template that corresponds to the location of the

loading and unloading repeatability error of not more than 0.03mm extrusion mold die joints and put together Mian good adhesion, should be reliable

positioning of the templates. The local clearance shall not be greater than 0.02mm. The general sewer gas system should not collude with each other.