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Recycled plastic granulator technology development status
2012-09-01 by seoer9

Recycled plastic granulator job involves a wide range of areas of the national economy, it is not only an integral part of basic production processes for a

large number of industrial and agricultural products, recycled plastic granulator China's energy-hungry, with energy accounting for the total energy

consumption of the national economy 12 percent. In addition, the pollution caused by plastic granulator process is often an important source of environmental

pollution, the the plastic granulator technological advances have a very close relationship with the development of the national economy as a whole.
Facing a serious energy and environmental challenges, comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable scientific development concept as the guiding ideology,

formulated to medium-and long-term energy technology development strategy and development plan in 2020, the development of energy and environmental strategy

formulation specified for the development of plastic granulator technology direction, a new path of development is imperative to explore the technology of

plastic granulator. Compared with other operational aspects of the industrial and agricultural production, the plastic granulator process of energy-saving

and pollution prevention and control task is especially urgent.

First, recycled plastic pellets making machine operation involves field is extremely broad, and the proportion of the plastic granulator energy consumption of the total

industrial energy consumption almost higher than the British half, to 12%.

Secondly, recycled plastic granulator pollution of the environment is also very serious. More than three-quarters of the most widely used in various types of

conventional plastic granulator equipment, hot air plastic granulator type of plastic granulator equipment is a very serious environmental pollution systems

for plastic granulator coal-fired the transformation of the furnace has become an important issue to be solved. Improve the the plastic granulator process of

energy utilization efficiency and prevention of pollution of the environment are mutually reinforcing. Reduce energy consumption of 100 million tons of

standard coal, more than 64 million tons of CO2 and SO2 emissions in China to reduce its environmental benefits are significant.

Explore the plastic granulator new technology development road, energy efficiency, environmental protection, as well as product quality into account, in

order to achieve comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development. Development strategy to implement efficient and green plastic granulator, resource-

saving development road to go first, to change a single extensive plastic granulator combination of intelligent plastic granulator. Fundamental

transformation not only from plastic granulator process, but also to carry out a comprehensive, multi-level saving technological transformation, vigorously

develop the application of renewable energy and industrial waste heat, plastic granulator technology. From the government level, it is necessary to establish

a comprehensive evaluation criteria and industry standards and perfect plastic granulator equipment, the establishment of macro-regulation and market

regulation mechanism to accelerate the replacement of plastic granulator technology.