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Food packaging machinery development is lagging behind to see the deficiencies in order to progress
2012-10-29 by seoer9

    Comparison between China and developed countries, food packaging machinery China's food and packaging machinery forming industry only two or three decades, the base is relatively weak, and the lack of technical and scientific research, its development is lagging behind, dragged to some extent the food and packaging

Industry's hind legs. How as soon as possible to catch up and seize the huge market of the urgent need to address the problem.

    Developed countries, food packaging machinery development status: still on the sales of food packaging, the most commonly used, there are two major categories of basic packaging process for filling machines and wrapping. Filling method is applicable to almost all materials and all kinds of packaging containers

. Specifically, better fluidity ofliquid filling machine , powder, granular, rely mainly on their own gravity, necessary to complete the packaging process is supported by certain machinery. Viscous strong semiliquid or larger body of a single piece, assembly, and require mining

Squeeze, push, pick-and-place and other coercive measures. As for wrapping method shows just different, it mainly applies to regular shape, have enough hard very sexual, and requires packing tight one-piece or assembly, more flexible plastic

Composite material, with the mechanical action of wrapping.

    Over the past decade, the international packaging industry attaches great importance to improve the general ability of packaging machinery and packaging systems and functional integration, and provide timely and flexible means of production of to develop rapid diversification commodity market. At the same time based on aggregate

The rationale for the actual needs of the simplified method of packaging and advantages of the packaging process, continue to explore, to speed up the pace of technological innovation itself. Especially with the development of modern automatic machine synchronization echoes gradually clear.

    In order to establish a more diverse, universal, multi-functional integrated packaging machinery new system, you must first focus on solving the portfolio and mechatronics big problem, no doubt, this is an important development direction for the future. However, compared with the world powers, our products

A small number of varieties and sets, mostly to produce stand-alone, while abroad, mostly supporting the production, stand-alone on the production and sale of low profits, can not get the high effective equipment sales. And product reliability is poor, slow technology updates, new technologies, new

Process, the application of new materials. China's food and packaging machinery standalone sets of fewer, more generic models to meet the special requirements, special materials, equipment. Low-tech products, high-tech value-added, high-productivity products less; smart

Of the equipment is still in the development phase.

    With the accelerated pace of people's day-to-day work, nutrition and health food rich, enhanced awareness of environmental protection, the future of the food and its packaging will certainly raised many new requirements. But we should also see the advantages of China's food and packaging machinery, our food

Moderate goods and packaging machinery technology, cheap, very suitable for developing countries and regional economic conditions, future prospects vast export to these countries and regions, some equipment can also be exported to developed countries.

    The future development of China's food machinery still holds in many enterprises in the hands of favorable policy support of the government, enterprises only actually adhere to the above directions, and take a long-term development of the road, and I believe that in the near future, we can see

China Food Machinery new bright spot!