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The vapor particles machine knowledge classroom: What is the particle machine
2012-06-27 by seoer9

  Gasoline engine, a normal phenomenon of particle machine. Gasoline machine normal particle machine, particle machine particle machine, after a brief ignition delay period of preparation, near the electrode gap formation of the flame core, the flame from the flame core rate of 30 to 40 meters / sec of the four weeks of not burning mixed gas area, spread , so that the mixture of particles Indoor sequential particle machine, until the end. Gasoline particle machine by high-speed photography in the gasoline particles machine indoor flame propagation process, away from the particle machine unburned gas mixture (the end of the gas mixture) has been expansion of the compressed fuel mixture, where the local temperature due to thermal radiation effects more than the ignition temperature of fuel, resulting in the spontaneous reaction, the formation of one or more of the flame core. In the normal flame spread to the first firing of spontaneous combustion, issued a strong fire, the particle's temperature is often above 4000 ℃, the flame propagation speed of 200 to 1000 m / sec, several times higher than the flame propagation velocity of the normal particles . Particles of high-speed transmission of machine particle machine so that the cylinder pressure shock wave reflection in the cylinder wall and repeated shock, resulting in the forced vibration and high frequency noise, that is, knock phenomenon. The impact of the pressure wave to the thinning of the wall of the gas film to the cylinder wall heat loss increases, the results of power down, the fuel consumption rate, gasoline engine is overheating, cooling water and oil temperature increased. Durable particles machine damage the cylinder wall oil film exacerbated the wear of the cylinder wall, and in severe cases cause mechanical damage. Measures to avoid particle straw grinding machine: the use of high octane gasoline, fuel use too thick mixture, the mixture of the end itself not easy to get angry; reduce intake air temperature to strengthen the end of the cooling of the mixture, delay the moment of the particle machine in order to reduce the mixing of the end combustible mixture of turbulence and swirling of the gas temperature; normal flame propagation velocity, or the design of compact particles machine room, reasonable layout of the location of the particle machine, reduce the flame propagation distance, in order to shorten the normal flame spread time of the end of the gas mixture .

What is a particle machine

    Mixture (full of air and fuel mix) into the particle machine room in the intake stroke, the piston in the compression stroke when they put their compression, particles machine high pressure mixed gas point and then the particles generated by the machine pressure to convert momentum of particles machine running. Particle machine particles machine can simply use a few words to describe, but just the internal combustion engine of the particle machine, I do not know has created the number of theses and dissertations, and even many academics, engineers, a lifetime of knowledge in particle machine, so the real understanding of particle machine, is to spend a lot of work.

    Precisely because the particles machines particles machines is very complex, so the need for accurate design and control, just a little control failures or abnormal, it will result not normal particles, the particle machine is a normal particle machine . Simply put, the particle machine is one of the particles caused by the abnormal particles machine machine room pressure disorders.

    The right of the high compression set the case easier to cause particle machine, it will need to use high-octane fuel to avoid particle machine.

Particles machine of reason

    Before it comes to particle machine reasons, we must understand two things. First, the mixed gas in the particle machine indoor particle machine, its flame by the particles trigger point "to the edges, so by the particle machine to the oil and gas entirely particles machine needs in accordance with paragraph a short time. Second, although the oil and gas need to rely on the machine of the particles ignite, but too high temperature, high pressure environment also make oil and gas self-ignition.

    Particles machine because the particle machine indoor oil and gas particles juicing machine, flame wave has not yet fully spread, remote unburned oil and gas because of high temperature or high pressure, and spontaneous combustion, flame wave impact of the flame wave and regular particles have a great pressure, particles generated by the normal percussion. The resulting particles machine is most important for the following reasons:

    An angle, particle machine too advance:

    In order to make the piston compression on the end of the dead, entered the power stroke can be immediately gained momentum in advance, usually before the piston reaches top dead center particle machine (because the particles machine will take some time to complete particle machine). Particles too early opportunity makes the piston still compressed itinerary, most of the oil and gas particles machine, not particles machine oil and gas under great pressure to spontaneous combustion, caused by the particle machine.

    Two particles machine excessive carbon deposits:

    Excessive coke particles machine indoor particle machine, in addition to make the compression ratio increases (high pressure), will produce high temperature hot spots in the coke surface, so that the particles machine particles machine.

    Third, the particle temperature becomes too high:

    Particles making the intake air temperature through the machine in a hot environment or bad particle cooling water circulation will cause the particles at high temperature and the particle machine.

    Fourth, the air-fuel ratio is not correct:

    Too dilute fuel-air mixing ratio, will cause the particle's temperature to enhance the particle's temperature to improve the elevated temperature will cause the particle machine, of course, easy to particle machine.

    Fifth, the fuel octane is too low:

    Octane fuel anti-particle machine indicators, the higher the octane number, the stronger the anti-particles machine. Compression is high and the particle machine, the higher the pressure of the particle machine room, if the use of low fuel anti-particle machine, prone to particle machine.

How do you know the impact of particle machines and particle machine

    English particle machine is Knocking and knocking the meaning, so the particle when the particle opportunity percussion. The slight discontinuity particles sound quite crisp, somewhat similar to the sound of tapping triangle. The voice of a serious and continuous particle machine, particle opportunities "miles to miles" particle machine will be obvious no power.

    Many particles Factory particles squeeze out maximum performance and lower fuel consumption, will usually be the common speed domain particles machine angle set in advance, so that some particles between 2000 to 3000 rpm, the machine load is large, it is inevitable there will be a slight particle machine, however slight particle machine particle machine does not have much impact, the particles owner do not have to worry too much. But if the particles because the problem of particle machine machine, such as serious carbon deposition or cooling and poor, this particle machine is usually very serious, if it is continuous and severe in the high-speed and high load particle machine, not one minute, ranging from particle machines and piston melting loss, serious, and even the cylinder and particles machine body are fried to wear.

Particles machine perception (particles machine sensors)

    Most immediate and effective inhibition of particle machine is delayed particle machine advance angle, reducing the pressure of the particle machine. Particle machine perception actuation technique is when the particle machine to detect particles machine, then the particle machine advance angle was postponed to the particle without particle machine machine timing, when the particle machine particle machine, and then slowly particle early reply. Particle machine sensor is the use of an acceleration sensor to measure the particle machine acceleration change is vibration. Engineers to adjust the particle machine sensor will particles machine vibration mode is written to the ECU, once the particle machine perception to detect the vibration mode, the ECU then determine the particle machine particle machine, then delayed the advance angle of particle machine. More advanced particle machine perception even can determine which cylinder particle machine, advance angle for the cylinder individual delayed particle machine.

    Some of the vapor particles on the 600-137 series, such as Mercedes-Benz engine particles machine sensors, has been canceled by special particles machine and the corresponding sensing circuit to sense the cylinder inside the ion flow anomalies to determine whether the engine particles machine instead. This method is more sensitive and effective.