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continuous drying equipment
2012-08-09 by seoer9

 In recent years, began to explore and use a continuous vacuum freeze-drying equipment. Characteristics of continuous equipment is suitable for a single species, a large production, plenty of raw material production, especially for the production of paste and straw grinding machine products. Continuous equipment is easy to implement automation and control, simplify manual operation and management, its main drawback is the high cost.

    With the end of the GMP certification, made outstanding pharmaceutical freeze-drying equipment full access to the modern stage, fully functional, reliable, stable performance can be achieved online cleaning (CIP) or steam sterilization (SIP), the technical indicators can meet the needs of production of biological products and pharmaceutical freeze-dried. In contrast, the varieties and specifications of the drying equipment abroad than domestic, and the supporting equipment, energy-efficient structure is more sophisticated, continuous drying equipment production capacity. In order to ensure the quality and energy saving of the lyophilized product, often using the combination of freeze-drying equipment and other drying equipment with a combination of freeze-drying orange juicing machine, such as spray drying equipment.

    Air conditioning and refrigeration market experts foresee in the near future under the premise of ensuring product quality, improve the freeze-drying efficiency and shorten drying time, energy conservation is the goal of the majority of of lyophilized industry workers.

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