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Note buy stainless steel packaging machine
2012-11-15 by seoer9

Due to the progress of society, the goods, especially food logistics and transport packaging requirements increasing year by year, for the needs of a variety of powder packing machine , vacuum packaging machine is one of the products.

1. Vacuum pump is the core, attention to quality and brand

Vacuum pump as vacuum packaging machine core selected very carefully indeed. Whether it is large or small vacuum packaging machine pump, first of all we are concerned about is its price. Also, concern the capacity of the vacuum pump, generally

Expressed in cubic meters / hour, but is not the bigger the better, as long as you can match with the speed of the whole work.

2 buy regular factory quality assurance

Automatic, semi-automatic packaging machine control principle is the application of electrical components control, only regular manufacturers of electronic components in order to ensure durable, reliable, safe, vulnerable parts are easy to buy. Otherwise, easy to aging, may often go wrong.

The regular manufacturers since vacuum

Packaging machines, packaging machines,filling machines , three-dimensional packaging machine electrical control devices full reference to the world famous technology, quality assurance, you can trust.

3 true and false. Polish Seeing Qing stainless steel

General formal vacuum packaging machine manufacturers, the choice is really stainless steel, such as 304 grade equipment dedicated steel. Some manufacturers, like alternatives, the plate thickness is relatively thin. I recommend products with 3mm thick steel 600

Material, while more than 600 4mm thick steel.

4 Select the strength of the packaging machine suppliers

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