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new press operation and use of
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1, prior to use. Must read this manual, familiar with the machine's performance characteristics and methods of operation.

2, before starting. Must first conduct a comprehensive inspection of each fastener shall not be loose, flexible, handle rotation Rotate the pulley, all running parts should be normal, no abnormal noise, followed by filling in the deceleration box on the 20th of mechanical oil. Loosen the lock nut, turn the adjustment screw counterclockwise, the virgin snails cone arrived in tight to the mouth of the cake cone, and then clockwise adjustment screw 2 turns, then tighten the lock nut, ready to boot.

3, adjust the temperature control device (2) transferred to squeeze the desired temperature of 130-180 degrees (depending on the oil may be): twist the heating switch (5) heating to heat up the machine, then the green light on the temperature controller The red light is off. When the machine temperature to rise to the set temperature, while the red light, green light is off, the temperature of the machine is automatically controlled and maintained at the set temperature of 130-180 degrees. Pressing the host Forward button (Figure 2, 11) host running the screw axis direction of rotation counter-clockwise rotation.

4, after the installation of the new oil press should be carried out 2-8 hours of orange juicing machine virgin: Method material has been pressed oil cake (rapeseed soybean cake, peanut cake, cotton cake or cotton shells, rice hulls may be) The slowly fed into the hopper, repeated back to virgin. Polished, the cake, forming smooth, Remember to start Do not wear extra virgin material directly into the hopper, while grasping feeding of virgin snails appropriate, to prevent the squeeze screw stuck; excessive, such as feeding, virgin bore within the abnormal noise or squeezed screw card dead, and should stop immediately, eliminate the obstruction and re-assembled and then start grinding squeeze, forced trailer or reverse down material is strictly prohibited.

5, when the regular oil extraction, must maintain the feed evenly, do not too much is too small or feed off idling the machine load. Smooth operation, the sound of rhythm: a cake thickness of the normal control in the 0.5-2mm out of cake smooth. Almost no residue in the low pressure stage, high-pressure segment has a small amount of diesel, but not more than 10% in the proportion of the residue in the oil, extra virgin bore temperature of 130-1800 degrees, the cake the mouth of smoke smoke smoke through the guard The discharge pipe. Squeeze the hot cake to spread out in a timely manner, in order to avoid spontaneous combustion. Fan blowing cooling measures should be taken when working continuously for a long time, the machine temperature is too high. (Continuous operation, the heater can stop working)

6, squeeze out the oil into the filter paste filling machine
 above, pressing the vacuum pump button (Figure 2, 9), the vacuum pump running, the oil filtering barrel of air to be drawn, barrel-shaped negative pressure above the oil naturally into the filter barrel, while diesel was isolated in the cloth above. Scraping residue) oil to be squeezed is completed, the oil is smoked, stop the vacuum pump running, open the valve on the filter barrel: dry residue on the filter cloth, use a spatula to scrape; (prohibited barrel to form a negative pressure from the barrel at the bottom of valve release. Downtime. Before shutdown to stop the feed, while mobilizing the loose cake mouth gap, then put a small amount of bread crumbs, more than expected in the bore to be squeezed to drain, the port is no longer a cake out of the cake before downtime. Shut down after the adjustment screw clockwise 1-3 circle, and then disconnect the power.

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