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Plastic vacuum packaging machine four major development trend analysis
2012-11-17 by seoer9

Plastic vacuum packaging increasingly wide range of applications, and promote the development of plastic vacuum packaging machine, but also put forward higher requirements. International vacuum packaging technology and equipment development trend is mainly reflected in the following aspects.
Production automation: vacuum packaging machine automation not only improve the efficiency of production, but also has the advantages and characteristics of health and safety. typ-b series rotary vacuum chamber packaging machine is a very high degree of an automated multi-station packaging machine. The machine has two filling machines and vacuum turntable, filling 6 station turret complete for the bags, feeding liquid injection pre-sealing, and packages sent to the vacuum turntable; 12 stations (vacuum vacuum turntable room), the completion of pumping vacuum and sealing, finished output processes, production efficiency up to 40 bags / min, is mainly used for the packaging of soft canned food.
Using new technology: packaging methods, extensive use of inflatable packaging to replace the vacuum-packed, closely combine the inflated ingredients, packaging materials and the inflatable packaging machine three; control technology, increased use of computer technology and micro- electronic technology; sealing, the application of heat pipe and cold sealing technology; advanced device directly installed in the vacuum packaging machine, such as mounted on a computer-controlled coarse-grained material high-precision combination weigher; rotation or vacuum packaging machine, application of advanced high-speed of circular surface cam indexing machinery. Using all of these new technologies, vacuum packaging machines more efficient and intelligent.
Three. Stand-alone multi-function: a single multifunction, can easily expand the scope of use. Standalone multifunctional modular design. Through the transformation and combination of the different functional modules, produced for different powder packing machine , packaging port, vacuum packaging machine for packaging requirements.
Group with the production line: When the desired function rises make all concentrated in a stand-alone structure becomes very complex operation and maintenance is not easy. Then the function is different from the successful combination of several machines can match the efficiency of the complete production line to complete more complex packaging process.


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