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Filling machine requires professionals to maintain
2013-01-08 by seoer9

The filling machines is a state-of-the-art equipment, and the constructed complex than most people can understand, not ordinary people can grasp. Filling machines need professionals to maintain otherwise, it is prone to problems, to regret it when all too late. The

Must be well in advance of the preparation, as well as a variety of crisis pretreatment. General enterprise with professional maintenance personnel, and usually must strengthen the training of maintenance staff expertise, their maintenance skills.
Damage such as premature aging caused by powder packaging machine slip the lost transfer or belt. With other quantitative automatic filling machines , powder packaging machine needs regular lubrication to make the equipment work, so in the use of powder

Agent packing machine, be sure to give powder packaging machine at the gear mesh seat belt bearing the filling hole and all moving parts filling oil lubrication once per shift is naturally the best. Praised by the majority of enterprises, since the market in the course of

Not only do we have to learn how to fine operation, better learn the day-to-day maintenance work, and need someone to operate before.
The body of the heat-sealer also need to be cleaned frequently part, so as to achieve the finished packing bag sealing clear lines. If it is scattered materials, more timely clean, keep the piecework clean. To hair packaging reliability, photoelectric switch

Bald but also the regular cleaning. In order to prevent an electrical fault caused by a short circuit or poor contact, electric control box dust is clean not ignore the parts. In addition, when the reducer no oil must not use equipment, this will give sealing machine equipment with

To pressure, run it hard to bring damage to the equipment. Powder packaging machine for the first time 300 hours after the operation, cleaning internal put on new oil, and thereafter every oil change time to work 2500 hours. , Do not add oil to the oil droplets in the drive belt.

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