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Variety of much-needed food industry packaging machinery
2013-01-15 by seoer9

With the restructuring of the food industry, food manufacturers urgent need for a variety of packaging machinery

1, packaging machine. Done automatically measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, printing batch, cut and count all the work; automatically complete particle class, fluid and semifluid class, powders, tablets class, and capsule packaging. There are massive packaging Pillow

Packaging machine, pillow packing of solid design, suitable for packing various solid regular objects, such as food, biscuits, bread, moon cake, candy, etc.. Bulk substance or individual separate objects, it shall be the package was first placed

Box, or tie clustered in one, so as to form a whole, before this machine on the packaging.

2, thefilling machines . Groups filling machine filling pasteliquid filling machine , sesame, sweet sauce, tomato sauce, butter and other materials for mineral water, beer, milk and other beverage packaging.

3, sealing machine. This is mainly for bags of food packaging. Sealing machine is filled with mechanical sealing packaging containers, packaging containers loaded in the product, so that the product can be kept under seal to maintain product quality, avoid product stream

Loss, need for sealing of the packaging container, these are sealing machine completed.

4, contraction Machine. The Shrink Packaging is one of the methods of the state-of-the-art packaging market, shrink film package outside of the product or package, and heating, shrinkage during cooling of packaging materials which bind tightly to the product or package, fully display items

Appearance, improve products fairs in order to increase the sense of beauty and value, shrink machine packing items can be sealed, moisture-proof, anti-pollution and to protect the goods against impact from external buffer, especially When the glass

When the containers and packaging, can prevent the container broken glass when flying, reduce product demolished, the possibility of theft, shrink film contraction Machine Shrink by tension, it can be a group of items to be packaged wrapped tight, play a rope tying

Role, especially for the collection of items and tray packaging. The product can be widely used in all kinds of small commodities in packaging.

In addition, with the people's awareness of environmental protection and social progress, the food manufacturers increasingly focus on quality, low-cost packaging equipment, packaging machinery manufacturers gradually to mechanical Body small, flexible, multi-purpose, high-efficiency direction.

This trend is also included to save time, reduce costs, so the pursuit of the portfolio, simplicity, packaging machinery moving.



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