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The safe operation of the timber crusher
2013-06-06 by seoer9
1, after the start of the wood hammer mill, until reach the normal operation of the machine can be continuous and uniform wood crusher feed.
2 wood crusher feed should pay attention to the material in the presence of stone, iron and other hard objects, so should be promptly picked, so as not to damage the machine or cause accidents.
The peeling machine motor rpm and allowed to hang the belt, oiling, cleaning up litter and troubleshooting.
The found wood crusher the following questions should turn off the engine, stop processing (1) motor smoke, (2) blockage (3) crushing the poor quality, (4) Bearing overheating, more than 60 degrees.
5, wood crusher feeder operator should stand charging port side of the clothes sleeves should be fastened to wear a mask and cap.
6, wood crusher job to pay attention to the motor, the rotational speed of the thresher, sound, and temperature of the bearing.
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