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packaging machinery and equipment development focus
2012-07-16 by seoer9

First, the packaging products processing machinery and packaging container processing machinery
A multilayer wide high-strength corrugated board, carton equipment. Improve the continuous production of corrugated board, die cutting, creasing, printing system box production line automation, intelligent control level. Focus on the development of complete sets of equipment, the development of more than 2000mm wide, five-layer, layer 7, and 9-layer and high-strength corrugated board production equipment and indentation, die-cutting, system box, the printing (including printing) equipment, as well as with moisture, printing , for boxes, multi-function device.
Pulp molding machinery. Increase product variety of pulp molding machinery to adapt to the production of different thickness specifications and packaging of the role of pulp molded packaging products.
(3) metal can packaging container processing equipment. Steel three cans production line computer centralized control and inverter technology. Two steel tank molding equipment development. Development of high-speed welding, composite cans, shaped cans, spray cans and other canning equipment, as well as ancillary necking, gland, and printing equipment.
4 hollow plastic containers, processing equipment and mold design and manufacturing technology. The development of energy efficient extrusion head and the wall thickness control system, the development of PET bottles bottle system.
5 glass bottle making machine. Development of the 10 groups and 12 double drop microcomputer control molding equipment, the development of a light flask production technology.
Second, direct packaging machinery
(1) beer, beverage equipment. Focus on the development of more than 50 000 t / year of small and medium-sized beer and beverage filling equipment, the proper development of more than 100 000 t / year of large-scale beer, beverage filling equipment to meet the beverage industry to concentrate on the production to spread the filling "direction of development, development of field deployment of technical equipment (including packing, unloading boxes, sterilization, labeling, in situ cleaning, etc.), development of high-speed, low loss, measurement pelletizer, automatic detection and other multi-functional, fully automatic large-scale equipment, make the filling, gland, coordinated the production efficiency of the labeling, to improve the overall technical level of the beer, beverage filling.
(2) vacuum, ventilation, packaging equipment and devices. The focus on the development suitable for Bag capacity (1-10kg) continuous vacuum packaging equipment, a variety of gas in proportion to charge into the pocket and efficient ventilation packaging equipment, as well as vacuum, ventilation devices and multi-functional packaging machinery supporting .
Aseptic packaging equipment. The development of liquid and semiliquid food aseptic packaging system and its ancillary equipment, including disposable packaging products for smaller containers, and packing with the larger intermediate products. The development of aseptic filling systems for aseptic packaging carton, plastic cups, cans and molding equipment, aseptic bag packaging equipment.
Bag forming - Fill - Seal equipment. Development applicable to the different states of materials, different weight of packaging products, to solve the adaptability of the product, supporting and reliability, and multi-functional, automated, high-speed development, the development of high-level automatic powder packaging machine to meet, such as milk , washing powder and other powder automatic packaging requirements, focus on resolving the packaging of milk powder, detergent, starch and grain products and other items. The development of electronic scales measuring, making it both independent for packaging but also with a variety of containers forming - filling - sealing equipment for multi-function devices, improve accuracy and speed of the measurement potato peeling machine of powder, granules filling. Development of computer-controlled modular weighing machine, weighing in order to meet the irregular materials of high-speed, high-precision measurement requirements.
5 multi-functional packaging machinery. Development of containers (boxes, bags, cups) molding - Fill - Seal and vacuum and aseptic technique as one multi-functional packaging machinery.
Wrapping, sealing machinery. Including shrink, stretch, kinking, folding, winding, wrapping machines and high-frequency heat sealing, pulsed, electromagnetic induction, laser, cold seal and sealing, ultrasonic and hot air sealing machine and auxiliary equipment. In addition to the plastic film wrapping equipment, pay attention to the development, the development of the demolition of the stack of paper wrapped equipment, vigorously develop and wrapping equipment supporting a variety of assistive devices to expand the host function and application of surface.
. Bundled mechanical. The development of various forms of strapping machinery, and promote the level of automation of the packaging of our fruits and vegetables, daily necessities and industrial materials.
Third, packaging and decoration printing machinery
A consolidation and development of flat printing, compression letterpress. Moderate increase in the flexo printing, gravure printing, screen printing, to encourage the development of various forms of security printing, barcode printing.
(2) increase the flexo printing equipment and technology inputs. Flexo printing quality close to offset printing and gravure printing, offset printing, flexo and gravure printing these three printing methods at the macro level, the structure gradually rationalized.
Developed flexo printing equipment and apparatus. Focus on the international advanced level, the development of satellite-based flexo models; flexo printing and finishing (as light, hot stamping, die cutting, creasing, etc.) a combination of online production line; flexo and offset printing, screen printing combination units, and computer control technology. Anilox ceramic rollers should be developed laser engraving, anilox ink the hole should be developed for a variety of geometric shapes to accommodate the printing needs of various materials. Plate should be large-format, multi-species, multi-standard direction, to make the flatness of the plates, the resolution reached the advanced level. Direction of the ink to the water-based and UV curable ink (UV ink).

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