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The special effects of sesame oil
2012-08-05 by seoer9

Sesame oil and spices in a daily life, many people love it, sesame oil, there are many little-known special effects.
Reduce alcohol harm: drink sesame oil before drinking, mouth, esophagus, gastric cardia, and gastric mucosa play a protective role.
Aging: sesame oil, rich in vitamin E, and promote cell division and anti-aging functions.
Runchang catharsis: patients with habitual constipation, sooner or later can drink a sesame oil, can be laxative.
Treatment of
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: chronic rhinitis, with a sterile cotton ball dipped in sesame oil applied to the nasal surface of the skin can be effective.
Relieve the cough: before going to bed drink a sesame oil, and next morning after drinking a cough can be significantly reduced.
Reduce smoking poison: the smoking habits of the people often drink sesame oil, can reduce the smoke directly on the teeth, gums, integrated oil press mucosa irritation and damage, and lung smoke plaque formation, while the absorption of nicotine relative inhibition.
Protect blood vessels: sesame oil containing about 40% linoleic acid, palmitic acid and other unsaturated fatty acids, the body broken down and absorbed and utilized in order to promote the metabolism of cholesterol, and help to eliminate the precipitate of the vessel wall.
To protect his voice: drunk sesame oil can enhance the vocal cord elastic, flexible and powerful make the glottis close them, hoarseness, chronic pharyngitis, a good recovery.