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DELTA electromechanical products in the ice cream filling machine
2012-12-07 by seoer9

Facilitate communication between the Delta products in the ice cream filling machine, main drive motor and pull flowers motor directly on the touch screen

Kai / stop and speed control, servo speed between the main motor follow. Allows the operator

Operation is easy and intuitive. The use of the Delta servo PR mode (internal multi-position mode), customers mechanical drawing flowers into electrical

control, the garland distance and speed by the end user on the touch screen to adjust. Allows customers to pull Playboy adjustment of the will

Lee flexibility. Greatly improved production efficiency.

Ice-creamfilling machines generally consists of four components:

(1) The main transmission part. The main drive the intermittent gear box output drive sprocket drive, driven conveyor material handling board-by-station, the

main drive motor 2.2KW DELTA inverter speed control, gearbox reduction ratio of 30:1, the Lord

The motor rotates the output 1 lap 30 laps gearbox, transfer board to move a station after the gear box there will be about 1.5 seconds of air travel,

various process action left to each station. The main drive inverter with 485 standard MODBUS protocol

PLC communication, changed the original volume control switch, this control can start and stop directly on the touch screen control and speed control, and

monitoring of multiple states. Obviates the cumbersome control through analog or external potentiometer, external wiring two

Like a shielded cable, the internal programming because all Delta Electrical products, only with a read / write two instructions. Simple and stable.

(2) filling part. Filling station filling parts arranged by the dozen straight, perform different from the corresponding valve control, PLC to accept the

signal transmitted from the perspective of the main drive encoder (360 lines, corresponding to a transport cycle), Delta

ES Series PLC is the control center of the whole machine, the opening and closing of the control valve according to the set point value.

(3) the level cup and cone ice cream cone garland is part flat cup no garland. The ice cream garland main function is filling good ice cream doused with nice

style cream garland control the control the two main parts, a

Kept rotating Latte motor driven garland the head rotation pouring cream, another part of the flower head to do the lifting movement is driven pull, most of

the domestic manufacturers are based on the structure of a mechanical cam, when the pattern needs to be changed, only to switch to a different shape the


Mechanical cam, which would greatly affect the productivity of the machine. Latte is a very important part in the production of ice cream. Pull the flower

head shape, garland rotary motor speed, pull spend hoist position accuracy and speed, the direct impact of these three elements

Flowers beautifully. In fact, to lift some of the major control parameters: each piece of the speed and distance of each piece of garland. Unit distance and

unit speed is adjustable, so garland rotary motor Delta inverter control and Delta A series

Column servo to get the job done, the segment corresponding speed and distance settings screen on the touch screen, A series servo PR mode, through the start

switch PLC to servo three combinations each distance, speed through the means of communication given. User

Adjusted in each flower type parameters can be saved through the screen recipe features, simply call the next time you use out of it.

(4) temperature control part. Ice cream filling three areas that need temperature control: cream chocolate spray chocolate, heat sealing. Are using high-

power heating tube, K indexing thermocouple temperature detection. The upper temperature limit of 300 degrees. If on the PLC control

System temperature, must be added to the temperature detector or the control module. These modules are usually not low price, the host programming. Be

considered from an economic point of view and interchangeability angle, Delta thermostat.

2 System Design


(1) ensure that the same host and servo electrical zero and mechanical zero.
(2) the start of thepaste filling machine and off by the control of the angle signal of the encoder can be set on the touch screen.
(3) servo to follow the host running the operation position and speed by manual adjustment of the touch screen.
(4) the speed of the host can be adjusted on the touch screen.
(5) production count control functions.