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The rapid development of vertical multi column pouch packaging machine to help food companies
2012-12-08 by seoer9

Food factory using a wide range of bags, a solid majority of the larger size of the shape of the rules using the horizontal pillow packaging machinery. For smaller size solids, granules, powders or even liquid products, to use more "vertical" (LC

) Packing Machinery, i.e. in the direction perpendicular to the ground on the bag-making, feed, sealing. Due to the low cost of packaging materials, packaging machinery structure is simple, easy to maintain, this packaging is widely used in the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Food manufacturers use mostly single row of forming - and feed - seal powder packing machine . For loading a large amount of the packaging bag, the single row of the packaging machine to meet the general needs of the production line. But for the majority of health food and seasoning factory, often require

filling machines smaller packaging (such as packaging bag of 1 to 10 grams), when the single row pouch packaging machine exposed the shortcomings of insufficient capacity, need several or even dozens of single-row-pouch packaging machines to meet the production line needs. Leaving aside the large area

And waste of manpower and other factors, the number of packaging machines, is not conducive to the realization of the automation of back packing or boxing.

Affect separate bag machine running speed is difficult to raise, what does

1. Material into the packaging machine to go through the volume or quality measurement, and then drop down into a bag made of the accurate measurement of the material as well as the whereabouts of the time required;
2 of packaging material are generally using the composite film, the improvement of the mechanical speed film has a higher strength, and the strength is large, the large thickness of the packaging material costs are also higher;
3. Packaging speed is higher, the shorter the contact time of the heat-sealing, the sealing temperature to be a corresponding increase, but the sealing temperature is too high, the packaging material easy to destroy. Therefore, the sealing temperature also limits the speed of the machine work.

Subject to such factors as material measurement, packaging film, and sealing effect of the impact, the vertical bag manufacturing and packaging machine can not simply by improving the mechanical operation speed to improve the actual packaging speed. In ensuring the quality of packaging and accurate measurement premise

From a practical point of view, vertical bag making and packaging systems "bag-making - feed - sealing" the action of the Trinity is best not higher than 100 / min. Since the speed of the single row packaging ceiling, quite naturally, packaging machinery design starts from a single column to multiple columns

Development, a good solution to the need for high-speed packaging sachets.

All of the last century, the use of multi-line packaging systems rely on imports, expensive, food manufacturers rarely used, the user is almost all in the pharmaceutical industry. In recent years, the domestic independent research and development, production and multi-column-pouch packaging

Machinery, was warmly welcomed by the majority of domestic food manufacturers immediately. In today's highly competitive, and expand the scale of production, improve production efficiency and reduce costs as the constant pursuit of the goal of many manufacturing enterprises.