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VKPV-CF filling machine for filling protection
2012-12-17 by seoer9

Filling wine and champagne, need to be especially careful and to try to reduce the oxygen. Filling machines Modulfill VKPV-CF series, dedicated to filling bubbles wine and carbonated champagne. In accordance with the needs of each product,

The precise adjustment of the proportion of the pressure within the filling machine Modulfill VKPV-CF. Can choose a simple pre-filling machine vacuum, double the pre-vacuum or without pre-vacuum. Prior to filling, the inner pressure increases to the pressure level of the ring cylinder. The pressure of the two sides is equal, short

Tube filling valve opens. Then, the product via a swirler precessing along the sidewall, so that the protective filling will rarely produce foam. The bubbles are injected into the product after the bottle is extrusion, is discharged via the return duct. Once the filling product rose to back the trachea,

Filling valve closes. A correction tube carbon dioxide import bottlenecks, excess liquid flows back into storage containers. Stable, pressure reducing valve to reduce the pressure of the head space of the container, bottlefilling machines can leave.

Krones Modulfill VKPV-CF can be precisely adjusted in accordance with the different needs of wine and champagne set to prevent the loss of carbon dioxide and flavor.

Products with the container to create the best conditions

Modulfill VKPV-CF filling machine is designed for medium-sized enterprises need to research and development. Filling product, the system power can even reach 60,000 bottles per hour. This filling machine can accurately adjust the settings according to the needs of different wines and champagnes

, To prevent the loss of carbon dioxide and flavor. This system is suitable for a variety of wines, champagne, and a different bottle type. Select the corresponding program on the touch screen, i.e. change of filling height. Set into the filling height correction device also ensures filling accuracy

The error is less than a tenth of a millimeter. With Raptec quick-change accessories, automatic adjustment back to the trachea and intuitive task program selection, in the shortest possible time conversion filling machine. The selection can be replaced in device processing to handle all kinds of bottle. Each product

The process steps can be confirmed and saved in thepaste filling machine program, to create the best conditions for the product with the container.

In order to further improve the microbiological safety of the Monotec transfer star wheel to reduce the external area and improve the quality of health. In addition, the closed servo drive means to replace the mechanical drive means of a transmission gear or hinge shaft. Filling machine

Modular structure, at any time with three capper, a combination of of a rinser a labeling machine. Modulfill VKPV-CF series can be widely used in various power range, suitable for a variety of structural size and container specifications.