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Pouch packaging machine technology applications
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In many pharmaceutical dosage forms, granules treatment of rapid onset, the process is simple, and easy to take advantage because it has been widely

appreciated. In production, however, how to control the granule pharmaceutical packaging quality, and to obtain a satisfactoryliquid filling machine accuracy

Always plagued by many pharmaceutical companies.

Pouch packaging machine for packing granules drugs generally vertical design, batch run, the balcony workstation structure. Complete bag making machine in

the state run by the multi-channel (up to 10 channels), drugs metering and into the bag, pouch sealing, easy to

Tear mouth to suppress the production batch imprint, pouch cutting the double pouch connected dotted line suppress processes.

Bag ensure good appearance

To make the pouch has a good appearance when the bag-making, the Mai Dixi pouch packaging machine using an entire roll of packaging films-on method, the

detection and control of the position of the edge of the packaging film roll, the online auto-correction, center slitting make the bag making

When edge alignment without the waste side. As a result of this particular shape design the equatorial cutter, even in the slitting of a fibrous composite

material and does not generate dust, to guarantee cleaning inside of the bag.

Cutting and measurement design ensures good filling machines accuracy

Medicines cutting and measurement Mai Dixi cutting systems and metering systems for the modular design of structures, each channel is independent, it is easy

disassembly and cleaning.


In the pharmaceutical material under feed, metering and into the bag during the three increase material is disposed fluidity auxiliary means, namely: a

hopper stirrer, metering chamber stirrer, and the filler pipe of the electromagnetic shock device. The stirred speed, operation cycle and

Electromagnetic turbulence intensity can be set according to the flow of materials control.

In order to avoid dust contamination of the machine, to remove dust, floating in the product in order to safeguard the reliability of the seal of the pouch.


Medicines measurement methods for the measurement of volume method, using unique adjustable the piston measuring cup structure, by changing the stroke of the

piston in the metering cavity to adjust the volume of measurement, different measurement specifications change quickly realized within a certain range, in

order to adapt to the drugs dense

Loaded when the degree of change in the amount of random adjustment or regulation for the production of the specifications of the product of the amount of

other devices. Measured at each channel drugs designed as an independent unit, and the same measurement system can be adapted to the material of the

granules, powders or pills measured. As has been designed

Measures, the elimination of the drug measured the material in the hopper gravity changes and the impact of air on the measurement accuracy, thus

effortlessly stable measurement accuracy can be controlled at a high level, especially during the trace products or herbal materials

The measured effect is very significant. In China, the existing user filling in 1 g the stable filling accuracy of 1% use records.

Worked in a pharmaceutical company in China to provide special metering devices, allowing users to solve the craft can not guarantee the two drugs mixed in

the same small bag filled with two different drugs.

Sealing to meet the four sides "do not take the air" and shaped bag design

Sachet four sealing edge first in the process of forming the back cover side and two longitudinal edge-sealing, and then the filled drugs, and the lower end

of the fill tube head is in the bottom of the upper sealed edges, and to avoid pollution of drugs when filling material on Edge . In addition, the system

Side bags, filling, capping a step-by-step to complete, in order to safeguard the reliability of the seal. Pouch sealing mold for flatbed platen form stable

pressure and pressure values can be displayed and verified. Pressure supply system for the state-of-the-art hydraulic structures, flexible pressure holding

pressure stable

The force, working buffer, damping, low noise, reliable, durable mold. The sealing temperature stepless setting temperature values can be displayed. The

pressure and temperature parameters can be adjusted to match each other, to obtain the optimum sealing parameters on different sealing material

Combinations thereof. Another benefit is that you can level pressure form of bag making production shaped pouch packaging to meet prominent corporate and

product image pouch designs.

Shutdown, the heating member of the pouch packaging machine automatically to both sides completely open, completely detached from drugs and packaging

materials, to avoid overheating of the drugs and packaging materials can be damaged by. The reboot automatically back position, and automatically detects

sealed working pressure

Force in settings before continuing to run.

Change pouch size and packaging materials stitching "arbitrary"

If you need to change the pouch pull cited length, set by operating the screen, servo motor drive, stepless adjustable within the scope of work to meet the

changes in the length of the different products packaging specifications.

Packaging film material runs out, the machine will automatically shut down, downtime while packaging film in splicing the stage running position

automatically fixed by vacuum suction, convenient for the operator to replace the new film roll and stitching. At the same time, the machine

Impact on the packaging film splicing part detection, when the stitching part reaches the packing station, the machine will automatically shut down the

cutting system, not in stitching a small bag filled with drugs, the empty bags will be automatically removed online.

Palletizing to play an important role of "hub"

The small bag palletizing device is connected to the preceding pouch packaging machine and an important hub of the rear section cartoning machine. Slitting,

pouch, pouch packaging machine vacuum nozzle pouch placed on inclined conveyor system and into the pouch stacking devices. To finish in here

Into sampling sachet count and stack pouch pile of finishing, and will become the stack pouch input cartoning machine processes. More important here is the

pouch finishing, general pouch finishing divided into two steps: First, each pouch

Leveling, sloshing through gentle level, which makes the material uniformly distributed in a small bag, to maintain the overall stability of the pouch

stacking. Followed small bag palletizing after finishing of the entire stack to ensure the cartoning machine into a pile pouch into and subsequent push tray


The process is always in a steady state.

Rear intermittent cartoning machine is particularly important

Cartoning machine is in a pivotal position in the key station in the entire production line. Its reliability, stability, and even mobility characteristics

will directly affect the efficiency of the continuous production and finished. Are intermittent due to the mode of operation of the front end equipment, so

, Rear intermittent cartoning machine run is particularly important, so to be able to make a stand-alone integrated seamless. The production of auto-complete

manual folding pouch into the box, and the imprint of the production batch. Due to the four sides sealed pouch packaging

Flexible packaging, and therefore the need to avoid the pressure to the top of the manual process into the carton.

In the era of the industry continues to expand, and the endless stream of new technologies. Technically in terms of a major breakthrough, or at the

discretion of the extreme detail, diamond-like quality and perfect posture Mai Dixi want to be able to serve in this area

And in the future.