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Analysis of the filling machine Chinese search habits
2013-01-14 by seoer9

With the popularity of the network more and more people get the information they want from the Internet, the network has become an important part of people's daily life, many people access to information on the network through a search engine. Chinese language as a mother tongue

The highest number of languages in the world, so the search habits of Chinese are also constantly affect search engine, for example, we want to check the "filler" information, usually directly in the search box, enter the word , but got

Result there will be a lot of correlation is not too strong, this time in order to find more accurate information to meet their needs, we can of the word expansion such as prepend the modified words such as: liquid, paste, cooking oil , etc. This

Sample composed of liquid filling machine , paste filling machine , edible oil filling machine, can also add regional name: Shaanxi, Shanxi, Gansu, so composed Shaanxi filling machine, Shanxi filling machine Gansu filling machine phrase, of course, you can also

Specific to each city, such as Xi'an, Lanzhou, the expansion of these words need results based on what you want to query. Mainstream search engines can be a good support for this search, this search can better meet people's thinking. Especially in the

In this regard, Google has been able to provide good support. You can based on what you want to look for early information on any combination of input you want which can filter out search results, search Shaanxi edible oil filling machine or Xi'an edible oil filling machine return

Back information are generally associated with these two regions are relatively strong the information. Returns the result of the two phrases is also different. So we search must be based on their own needs to search, for example, you want to buy irrigation in Zhengzhou

Installed, so you can search for the "Zhengzhou filling machine" the "Zhengzhou filling machine Which" Zhengzhou filling machine price "and so on. The results returned believe better able to meet your requirements.