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The future development direction of the edible oil filling machine
2013-01-31 by seoer9

Although our filling machine industry has been rapid development, but can not deny that the filling machines industry, the overall level is still in a backward state, a lot of edible oil filling machine company products is relatively backward.

: Coding machine and electric, oil filling machine industry in China started relatively late, a lot of basic technical forces are relatively weak, resulting in many enterprise device updated to keep up with the election now on the market can not meet the demand. Many companies no less

Good processing technology and supporting industry support, has been imitated foreign new equipment, the dependence of the transition leading to a lack of independent innovation. Although under the same conditions to the normal working meet production requirements, but the problem in production efficiency

On the existence of a serious shortcoming.

Secondly, edible oil filling machine quality and stable performance. Many domestic enterprises studliquid filling machine equipment production quality, but off, mainly because of the machining accuracy is not high enough, not beautiful design. In terms of production processing techniques

Surgery and uneven level of product performance low, unstable, prone to failure.