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You know the strengths and weaknesses of our filling machines
2013-02-28 by seoer9

China filling machine development has its own advantages, but there are also a lot of disadvantages. In fact, the perfect filling machine in the world does not exist, the United States is actually defective real beauty. There is no independent innovation capability of filling machine

The biggest flaw, it is also because of this shortcoming, the filling machine in China is difficult to go out of the country. This shortcoming in a short period of time can not be eliminated, only the long-term to improve. This defect is not a short period of time, but the filling machine companies in China after

After mimic long-term behavior gradually formed.
Can understand the problems of the actual production equipment through a variety of channels, establish a complete excellent after-sales service system, to solve the problem in a timely manner; according to customer requirements, equipment manufacturing and debugging cycles are shorter than abroad, and the cost is cheap,

Easy maintenance. Full understanding of the strengths and weaknesses exist in the ourfilling machines industry development, accurate high mesa semi-automatic balers to develop the next phase of development programs, play to our strengths, to meet the shortfall, is key to the healthy development of the domestic filling machinery. Along

Should be the trend of the times, strengthen independent innovation, and establish a good brand image, the incentive market competition steadily forward, and all-round development.
Filling machinery enterprises in order to develop long-term down must recognize the problems in their own development in a timely manner. Look filling machinery industry, there are still a lot of problems, enterprises are too small, low-level products, over-reliance on imports, the ability to develop

Low R & D investment, the lack of professional and technical personnel, and other factors are restricting the development of the of filling machinery industry in China. However, compared to the filling machinery in China with foreign advanced equipment is not without merit, such as China filling machinery design ideas

More flexible and can be tailored according to the different needs of customers; advantage of the geographical environment.
Thoughts determine the fate of what kind of thinking, your life would be like. The same is true of the development of semi-automatic filling machine, what kind of business leadership, there will be what kind of enterprise development. Enterprise development and enterprise collar filling machine

The guide very large. Compared with developed countries, thin the domestic
paste filling machine 
foundation. There is lack of technological innovation capability, all of filling machinery recession, China's packaging machinery industry manufacturers must change the thinking and innovation as a competitive

Strengthen the meaning of service, in order to obtain lasting victory of the industry.