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Care and maintenance of the spray granulation drying machine
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Granulation important part of PTC in the production process to maintain the normal operation of the spray granulation drying machine is to ensure the PTC production and necessary conditions for stable boiling granulating dryer. Regular cleaning, maintenance, and maintenance help identify problems in a timely manner to address latent

Failure, reduce downtime, ensure the production of normal and stable.

Spray granulation drying machine run for a long time or due to improper operation, aggregate and affect the normal operation of spray granulation drying machine will need to stop working for cleaning. Cleaning door, with long, should be open for the clean-up of the aggregate of the drying tower

Broom sweep the bottom of the funnel-shaped aggregates, open the valve, rinse with tap water boiling granulating dryer tower. Cyclone cleanup boiling granulation dryer dust collection, and also need to open cyclone with broom aggregate, if necessary, also need to

Rinse with water. Fluidized Granulator dust cleanup for fabric should open the control switch, continuous beat, and then open the cleaning door, knock the bag dust boiling granulating drying machine, the last replacement filter bags boiling granulating dryer. For slurry

Clean-up of the pipeline system should be open to two-way filter drain valve Fluidized Granulator filter and pipe cleaning filter, and then open the feed pump, cleaning pump tube, regulator bags and pipes to water the generation of material.

Operation over a period of time (usually around 600h), the need for spray granulation drying machine into boiling granulation a dryer necessary checks and conservation. Feeding system filters, pipes, valves, nozzles should check to see whether the blockage, timing

Cleaning, check order and replace Fluidized Granulator Fluidized Granulator nozzle wear. Feed pump should be checked for oil leaks, whether normally suppress the oil level is normal. Of boiling granulation dryer fan, you should check whether the shaft and bearing

Lack ofoil press fever, with or without vibration, noise, etc., necessary to boiling granulating dryer when cleaning the fan and the fan blade to do flat boiling granulating dryer accountancy proofreading. For heater should be checked hot boiling granulating dryer tube is normal, necessary when cleaning tubing, oilpress  pump

, The glib three filters. In addition, it should pay attention to each motor with or without fever, vibration, different sound, instrument and electrical control cabinet is normal.

In addition, spray granulation drying machine running for about 2 400h (generally take advantage of Fluidized Granulator shutdown period), spray granulation dryers partial disintegration and maintenance by the maintenance staff.

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