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China's packaging machinery industry into new era
2012-11-29 by seoer9

20 years of development, China's packaging machinery industry and packaging production has entered the adjustment of product structure, improve the

development capabilities of the new era. Technology upgrades, the new generation of products, improve management capacity is an important issue for the

development of packaging machinery industry.

Current, compared with foreign countries, the gap between the level of China's machinery manufacturing mainly in technology. Enterprise technical force

itself is attached to the production, so developmental limitations facing both scientific research and technology and laboratory equipment

A new technology without going through the pre-development of the research institutes can not be directly applied to the production. The development of

cutting-edge technology requires both knowledge inputs also need investment in equipment, the enterprises are unwilling to invest, they do not have the power

of scientific research institutions, long for this to

Go, will be growing gap between China and the international advanced level. China's packaging industry should proceed from reality, the path of the

introduction of technology and innovation combined, it is difficult to completely rely on independent innovation to develop. China's packaging industry is

relying than

Than the advantage of the path of development. Automatic packaging machinery technology involved many disciplines, "Some businesses can be resolved, but

others must be joint solutions and related professional enterprises or research institutes. As for environmental products research involves broader, so in


Surface, our awareness of independent innovation is not enough! "The expert pointed out.

Time packaging equipment, domestic use of bag-making, filling, sealing the one-stop washing powder filling lines, not a lot, most businesses use a single

filling machines . Liquid cleaning products, personal care products and cosmetics package

Relatively better use of the installed machinery the large liquid lotion products manufacturers, such as Li Bai, NICE use foreign advanced liquid filling machine 

production line, both from the production speed and product quality from the point of view is leading position


Secondary packaging equipment on the field was a rapid rise in trend. With the intensification of competition within the industry, and the day of corporate

mergers and acquisitions, daily chemical enterprises increased demand for some secondary packaging equipment. Contraction device, the identification device

Automatic packing and sealing devices application significantly increased. In the coming time, the the secondary packaging technology will play a more

important role on the field.

Packaging Machinery repetitive construction has posed obstacles to the industry upgrading and innovation, and to think of ways to solve. But only through

market regulation and supervision to strengthen its downstream industries - food industry to achieve natural

The eliminated. The experts believe that the Chinese packaging machinery market development in the future will show the following features:

First, the content of packaging machinery technology is increasing. Existing packaging machinery product technology content is not high, and abroad has been

a lot of advanced technology applications in packaging machinery, such as long-distance remote control technology (including monitoring), the stepper motor


Surgery, the automatic flexible compensation technology, laser cutting technology, information processing technology.

Secondly, the packaging machinery market has become increasingly monopolize. In addition to corrugated packaging machinery and small packaging machine with a

certain scale and advantages, other packaging machinery almost fragmentation and scale, market demand

Complete packaging production lines in the world packaging market are monopolized by several large packaging machinery Enterprise (Group).

Finally, the specialization of production of packaging machinery components. The international packaging industry attaches great importance to improve the

general ability of the packaging machinery processing and packaging system, packaging machinery parts production specialization is the inevitable trend of

development, many parts are no longer

Packaging Machinery Factory production, but by some common standards Factory production, some special parts manufactured by highly specialized manufacturer

really famous packaging machinery factory assembly plant. Products to the multi-function with a single, high-speed two poles

Development. The ultimate role of packaging machinery to improve production efficiency and product diversification.


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