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Particles machine is usually how to adjust
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Particles machine need to be adjusted regularly in the course of the rate and zero. In use for some time, will produce a variety of failure, which requires troubleshooting in order to restore the original function and performance. Adjustment of the meter of the performance indicators are mostly in the production process, its premise is to meter the parts are not used, the gas source to meet the requirements, test tools are standard.

1, showing error adjustment

The buoy-type particles machine error of indication is the taper glass tube, work pressure, leak probe.

Taper glass tube cavity shape is to determine the meter shows the key factors of the error size. Grinding process processing taper glass tube, the cavity shape of the error is relatively large.

Leak test particles machine error of indication, on the next reference point to adjust the benchmark rate of the meter, while the measurement gap value corresponding to the two reference points by micro units or the amount of block given . From the upper end of the taper glass tube to the probe section of the joints, connecting pipe at the leak, then you will actually increase the value of the measuring gap, so that the meter indication error occurred particles orange juicing machine . It should be carefully examined taper glass tube is mounted inclined glass tube gland is not pressed, joints pressed together at the gap and the allocation of rooms for organizing loose and leak.

The standard axial probe often to zero, the end will wear out, making the nozzle fillet is reduced, causing the meter to effectively show the central value within the error prejudiced and should be corrected at this time.

2, the highest rate of adjustment

Magnification valve, pay attention to the allocated room rate screw screwed into the screw hole chips and other dirt is not washed, screw raw depth of the screw end with the screw axis is not perpendicular to, or the flatness bad and magnification Ministry of screw thread is too long.

3, the largest measuring gap adjustment

If the meter is the highest magnification can meet the requirements of the main factors that affect the maximum meter measurement gap meter internal and connecting pipe joints leak.

4, the adjustment of the inlet pressure characteristics

The main factors affecting the meter inlet pressure characteristics of the pressure characteristics of the regulator.

5, the buoy stability adjustment

Particles machine instructions stability, namely the stability of the buoy. Factors affecting the buoy stability buoy shape, irregular leak exists in the gas line and pneumatic throttle generated by eddy currents and so on. Buoy outer circle is not round, cylindrical surface of the glitch and bump shape and cavity different axes and so on will cause the buoy to rotate, swing and tilt, you should replace the buoy.

6, multi-barrel show the adjustment of the value of the particle pellet packing machine

The impact of multi-barrel indication particle machine factor zero valve sleeve with tight zero spring, which just had.

7, showing the value of the stability of the adjustment

Affect the meter indication stability factors connecting pipe and junction leakage rate screw on the ring outside diameter is too small, the thread with too loose and zero Ministry of screw thread with too loose. Gas source is dirty, pneumatic filters are not cleaned, resulting in air flowing through the meter in the oil, too much water is also the reason for a long one. Indication for a long time stability test, the grease in the air plot attached to the nozzle below the baffle (the pad fast or faster), the longer actively attached to the more, which is equivalent to measuring the gap gradually decreases meter indication will inevitably produce a particle machine.

8, showing the value variation and the response time adjustment

Indication of the value of the meter variation tolerance, mainly to see whether the regulator, and whether there is a larger dirt into the regulator or meter internal.


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