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China's packaging machinery and mechanical packaging development priorities
2012-07-25 by seoer9

Packaging machinery abroad in recent years have new features, mainly: First, the production of high efficiency. Highly automated production lines, the large scale of production, in order to obtain the best labor productivity and economic benefits; Second, the high utilization of resources, a high level of comprehensive utilization and development of circular economy; _ attaches great importance to energy saving, the emphasis on reducing costs; four The practical use of high and new technology, improve production efficiency, product level, the grade; five commercialization of research, packaging machinery to knowledge-intensive, technology integration, intelligence products and other aspects of development.

In such circumstances, China's packaging machinery products due to less variety, low level of technology and product reliability was poor, facing fierce international competition. Especially of the past five years to accelerate the development of deep processing of agricultural products, building a conservation-oriented society, the development of recycling economy and strengthen technological innovation, resulting in a new round of technology introduction climax. Such as the deep processing of agricultural products in recent years a total investment of more than 320 billion yuan, more than 80% of the processing and packaging equipment rely on imports.

This shows the contradiction between supply and demand, China's packaging machinery in the "Eleventh Five-Year" period is very intense. Development priorities are:

(1) corrugated board production line, the system box (box), print complete sets of equipment; (2) environmentally friendly packaging machinery; (3) pharmaceutical packaging machinery and packaging materials; (4) of beer, beverage filling production line; (5) bags of molding bundled orange juicing machine , filling, sealing equipment; (6) aseptic packaging equipment; (7), set equipment; (8) canning equipment; (9) Tobacco processing and packaging equipment; (1O) online or offline testing equipment.

Mechanical and electrical products, packaging, and focus on promoting the professional designated qualification, uniform standards, international standards, and expand the ISL pilot work. In accordance with the requirements of the specialization, standardization, and market-oriented, as well as the construction of the conservation-minded society, promote and materials on behalf of the wood work, promote the use of laminated veneer lumber, "as the representative of man-made plate, the development of agricultural straw powder packing machine boards for the expansion of mechanical and electrical products out of 12I, increase income for farmers, to improve the ecological environment in China and the development of circular economy.

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