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automatic temperature control cylinder wok
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Automatic temperature control cylinder wok, sesame, cottonseed, rapeseed, soybean, peanut, Hu hemp seed, seed, tung seed, sunflower, etc. can be used for various kinds of granular dry fried seeds, machine structure is compact, rugged high yield, easy operation and maintenance, low investment cost. Fried seeds for the oil mill or fried Square new machine, a tilted drum, the drum has an annular channel, heating of the internal tube, the inner cylinder is set in the fried board, the raw orange juicing machine
 is continuously added to the inner cylinder, with the with the drum rotation, raw materials side of stir fired board, one side is being pushed to slide along the roller discharge port of the device roasted sesame seeds, extra virgin made from sesame oil, its color, smell, taste and quality with sesame oil, quite, The device can be mass-produced peanut beans and other roasted.
First, an overview
Automatic temperature control cylinder wok is a new kind of food, oil fried seeds machinery. I plant absorption of advanced technology at home and abroad on the basis of the plot I plant over the years the oil machinery manufacturing experience from the development. Change the previous single discharge port for dual discharge ports has increased the diameter of the feed to achieve the purpose of Kuaijinkuaichu. The aircraft main features: reasonable structure, a thermometer, easy operation and high efficiency. Since this type of wok is closed, the control of heat scattered, play a role in both steamed and fried, thereby speeding up the speed of fried seeds. Another advantage of the machine is a continuous flip fired materials constantly flip to the surface evenly with the pan surface contact to avoid a flat-bottomed wok fried seeds raw and cooked uneven flammable coke defects, thereby increasing oil yield and oil quality.
Second, the main technical performance

Basic parameters 400 500 650 800
Equipped with power 0.55 kilowatts .75 kilowatts .75 kilowatts, 1.5 kilowatts
Mounted seed content 10Kg-20Kg 25Kg-50Kg 50Kg-75Kg 150Kg-200Kg
Working time is 15-20 minutes 15-20 minutes 15-20 minutes 15-20 minutes

Third, the structure and principles
This machine is mainly from the rack, hoppers, cylinder, block fire cover, such as motor through V-belt drive gear shaft, gear shaft of the gear drive gears on the cylinder; so continuous uniform cylinder rotation, the material from hopper feed cylinder for steaming and roasting.
Fourth, the operation and maintenance
Ignition temperature should start the motor, so that the cylinder rotation, to avoid cylinder partially heated; cylinder preheated to about 50 ℃ to feed fry the seeds until the material Scoop appropriate (fried feeding time as the fire size, generally 14 - 20 minutes, the temperature rose to about 130 ℃) immediately to determine the possibility of the material (from the feed inlet sampling to determine a) if the material to open the discharge port baffle material that is, one after another go out; each Guochao material 10-80 The kilograms appropriate; work shut down the fire will be extinguished.
Should be in gear before starting to add oil and keep the premises clean to reduce friction and prolong life; throughout the bearings should be removed and washed every year and then another note the new high-speed butter; such as long periods of inactivity, you should remove a block of fire cover will be outside and chimney, etc. clear the debris in the cylinder, coated with oil to prevent rust.
Effect of five, both steamed and fried
Fully destroy the oilseeds cells. Add water, steaming and pallet wrapper , so that protein absorbent expansion completely from the interior of the cell have not yet ruptured cells "break" the dispersed fine droplets can be further condensed. To improve the oil yield.
Protein degeneration and harden fully solidified, improve the ability to withstand pressure, but also conducive to grease cohesion. Practice has proved that the protein denaturation more thoroughly, squeezing out the oil the higher the rate.
Hot and humid role: phospholipid water-swelling, solubility in oil to reduce protein denaturation, grease clean (heating pot); water vapor protection, oil paste, processing out of the oil color is lighter, not black .

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