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China's grain drying mechanization development of thinking
2012-08-08 by seoer9

China is the world's most populous country, food production and security is always a top priority of the country. China as the world's largest food-producing countries and consuming countries, in ensuring the sustainable development of food production has taken a series of effective measures, from 2004 to 2011 for eight consecutive years, grain yield, 2011 grain output 11,424 billion kilograms (about 571 million tons), to create a new historical record of the domestic food total output. The face of the grain harvest year after year, to cherish the hard-won good situation of agricultural development at the same time, we are also thinking about how to reduce the losses caused by the grain harvest due to weather changes, drying and production processes. According to statistics, due to climate impacts, the grain was too late dried or reach safe moisture causing mildew, sprouting, grain losses caused by up to 5%. According to the annual output of 500 edible oil press tons of grain, equivalent to 25 million tons of grain was broken. Therefore, in this sense is concerned, to vigorously develop grain drying mechanization is imperative.
The concept of a grain drying mechanization
Grain drying is an important step in agricultural production, a key link in the agricultural production, an important part of achieving full mechanization of food production. Dry grain mechanized technology is based on the machinery as the main means of appropriate technology and technical measures to artificially control the temperature, humidity and other factors, without prejudice to the premise of the grain quality and reduce the water content in the grains to reach the national security storage standards straw grinding machine technology.

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