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food drying machinery
2012-08-09 by seoer9

In the 1990s, increased demand for high-grade food, coupled with increased foreign investment in China's food industry and breadth of advanced foreign food drying machinery continue to be introduced to China, and China's food science and technology personnel to develop innovative, and have appeared many forms of food drying machinery, such as air convection drying equipment, drum drying equipment, vacuum drying equipment, pressurized drying wood shaving machine and electromagnetic radiation, drying equipment and so on. 1990s, late of food drying machinery workers electromagnetic radiation drying equipment to carry out a lot of research, such as the Tianjin Institute of Packaging Food Machinery absorption of foreign advanced technology, development developed a series WTJ microwave drying equipment, with the drying rate fast, high thermal efficiency, heating uniformity, non-polluting and does not destroy the nutritional content of food and other integrated oil press can be widely used in food drying. In addition, there are far-infrared radiation components issued by the far-infrared into the heat to dry the food, its simple equipment, energy saving, fast drying, especially for fruits and vegetables drying; again according to the principle of solar energy can be transformed into thermal energy. developed a series of solar dryer for drying fruits and vegetables and other agricultural products. Currently, the most advanced freeze-drying food drying methods, drying technology, especially the situation of our country dry, inexpensive steam jet vacuum pump system freeze-drying drying equipment used for food in our country, such as meat, seafood, dry fruits, vegetables, beverages, condiments and flavors and fragrances, mature models, and the advanced nature of the structure and excellent performance, energy efficient and cost needs to be improved.

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