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The definition and classification of packaging machinery
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A definition of packaging machinery

Packaging machinery that completed all or part of the packaging process, a class of machines. The packaging process including filling, wrapping, sealing and

packaging process, and its associated processes before and after, such as cleaning, drying, sterilization, stacking, demolition, including

Printing, labeling, measurement, and other auxiliary processes.

Second, the classification of packaging machinery

1. Classified according to the degree of automation of packaging machinery.

(1) fully automatic packaging machines. Automatic packaging machine is automatically supply packing materials and contents, and other machines of the

packaging process can be done automatically.
(2) semi-automatic packaging machine. Semi-automatic packaging machine by artificial supply of packaging materials and contents, but can automatically

complete the packaging process machine.

2. Classified according to the type of packaging products.

(1) special packaging machine. The dedicated packaging machine is designed for packaging machines of a particular product.
(2) Multi-packaging machine. The multi-packaging machine is through the adjustment or replacement of the working member can be wrapped two or more products

of the machine.
(3) general-purpose packaging machines. The generic packaging machine is a machine suitable for the packaging of two or more different types of products

within the specified range.

3. Functional classification according to the packaging machinery

Packaging machinery can be divided according to different functions: filling machines , filling machinery, wrapping machinery, sealing machinery, labeling

machinery, cleaning machinery, drying machinery, sterilizing machinery, strapping machinery, container machinery, multi-functional packaging machinery, as

well as the completion of its

Secondary packaging machinery for packaging operations. China's national standard is used in this classification, details see Section III of this chapter.

4. Packaging production line

Together into several powder packing machine and other auxiliary equipment to complete a series of packaging production line operations, packaging production


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